MiniGP open class
Our Test Rider RC.Moto getting ready for MiniGP Media Race
Sweeping the fast bends @ Elite Speedway track
SuperMoto Riders in Tribute to MH17 & Captain Eugene Choo

Ever since the Kayo MiniGP MR150 made its way to Malaysia in August 2013, it has drawn the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts and professional riders across the nation. The bike may be a new face here on our local ground but MiniGP racing had started in the 90s being hugely popular in countries such as USA and Italy. Smaller in dimension, the MiniGP is specifically designed for Grand Prix racing, which makes it an ideal machine for riders to hone their skills on. Pitrides Motorsports, the company that introduced Kayo MiniGP to Malaysia, has received positive feedback from experienced racers and national riders who have tested the MiniGPs.

A few months after the Kayo MiniGP was up for rental at the Speedway Plus Circuit, the number of enthusiasts increased rapidly and thus the Malaysia MiniGP Club (MMC) was formed. The club had since organized several races namely the “MiniGP Component Test (MCT)” and the “MMC Time Attack Challenge”. The same bikes used in these races had also been rented out to several training programs run by privateers with no problems to any of the machines. This has proven the capability of the bike as a reliable machine for circuit racing.

SuperMoto Challenge Winner Beckham Kong
Media Race Participants & Race organisers

The “1 Minimoto Challenge, Malaysia 2014” race series will create a stage for MiniGP and other two wheelers riders to demonstrate their talents and compete with international riders. In the first round of its season, MMC has invited MiniGP club riders from neighboring countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to participate in this event. The Speedway Plus Circuit is an exciting challenge for our foreign friends as many of them will be riding in this well-known track for the first time. Apart from the MiniGP, the challenge includes race categories for Pocket Bikes, Supermoto CKD and Supermoto Open bikes. The event is highly anticipated by motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide as it will showcase some of the best local talents from the two wheelers motorsports arena. Members of the Media are invited to enter the MiniGP Demo Challenge for a firsthand experience and to explore the full capacity of the Kayo MiniGP MR150.

The Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) has shown their support by endorsing the  “1 Minimoto Challenge, Malaysia 2014” and are here to officiate the event today. Furthermore, not only the participants will have a chance to win prizes at the event, the Smart Mata mobile application called “Smart-I”, a personal guide to extraordinary travel experiences in one of the world’s most exciting travel destination, endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia & Visit Malaysia 2014, will run a lucky draw for a chance of winning an ipad and mobile phone at the event.

This event will be followed by a final round in October 2014. Stay tuned as we continue to reveal the best that Kayo MiniGP has to offer.