The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2016 Southeast Asia got underway on Friday, 30th October with teams from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Malaysia at the BMW Enduro Park, Bangkok, Thailand.

This biennial enduro challenge events isn’t about speed, but a challenge of skills of maneuvering the BMW GS Adventure through various obstacles at the Enduro Park, and not to get penalty points. The least penalty points determine the sole winner of each day’s challenge. A total of three days of the challenge which begins with participants from Thailand.


The 2016 finals will be held at the BMW Enduro Park Adventure from 28th February to 5th March 2016.


Foreign cultures, new friendships, gravel, sand and dust make BMW Motorrad’s international GS Trophy an Enduro challenge that is second to none. International teams compete in intensive daily stages as well as numerous special challenges. Also there will be female category in the finals.


For this qualifying:

First day qualifying starts with the riders from Thailand.

Second day schedule comprises riders from Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines.


Third day is riders from Malaysia.


Total bike control is emphasized in the challenge.

A competitor is required complete the following task  like ride as slow as possible without putting down a foot after being waved off (slowest time); then ride faster then hard on brakes (fastest time taken); turn three tight round anti clock wise(penaty points will be given if the participant touches the ribbon or leg down); riding straight into a closed section, stop and reverse the bike back out (fastest time); getting off the bike and guiding it over vertical blocks; ride again in three tight circle clock wise, without dropping the foot; (not timed challenge); getting off the bike and moving the bike while the engine was still running in 1st gear and moving the bike over two logs that have been tied together; pick up a cone with right hand and dropping it to a left placed cone; pluck a banana from a string which was tied on a branch and dropping it into one of three bucket; balancing on a narrow concrete bridge for ten metre and finally getting off the bike and guiding it around in a circle by controlling the clutch with the just the left hand, placing the stand after one circle to complete the challenge. Even i explain the challenge i get tired, imagine the participants have to go through for the first session and this is the outer course. The inner course is much harder, and thats for the afternoon challenge, some of the tougher challenge is riding through a muddy pool of water and making a “U” turn to the next challenge, going around the bike for two rounds with left hand.


Dropping the bike means the full penalty points given and that challenge is considered failed then have to move on to the next challenge.

Saturday and Sunday BMW will also have BMW Motorrad Days in the same venue. Local bands will be performing, a variety of mobile food trucks to choose from. Latest BMW models being displayed, jet ski demos, and Maxim Models will appear as Saturday is Halloween’s nite.





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