Get ready to witness the pinnacle of racing excellence as Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports proudly unveils its storied legacy at Gen Blu Cafe today, 22nd Febuary 2024. With a rich history spanning 35 illustrious years Ah Hong Motorsports, Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports stands as the trailblazer of Malaysian motorcycle racing. Under the leadership of Team Chairman Kenny Chua and Team CEO William Chua, this powerhouse team has cemented its place in racing history, establishing unmatched standards of performance and innovation. Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports owes much of its success to a strategic partnership with industry giants Yamaha (Motorcycle) and Tekhne (Automotive Parts). This formidable alliance has thrust the team into the forefront of the racing scene, where they continue to dominate with cutting-edge technology and an unwavering dedication to excellence.


The team’s impressive list of achievements speaks volumes about their prowess on the track. From groundbreaking initiatives like the Petronas Young Rider Program to stellar performances in prestigious events such as Moto 2 GP Wildcard and CEV Championship, Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports consistently raises the bar for motorcycle racing worldwide. Notable accomplishments include participation in events like the ARRC (Asian Road Racing Championship), Thailand Race, Indonesia Race, and Australia SBK (Superbike Championship).

Moreover, the team’s enduring legacy is highlighted by their remarkable track record in the Petronas Cubprix, completing over 31 seasons in the premier class and nurturing more than 70 riders along the way.

Let us celebrate Year of the Dragon 2024 with indomitable spirit and wishing an unparalleled success to Yamaha Tekhne AHM Motor Sports