Looking boots that allow you to move from circuit to the road without having to worry about comfort? The Alpinestars S-MX 6 respond to this need. The S-MX Plus range, designed for use mainly in circuit, the S-MX 6 have been designed to provide greater comfort on-road driving with very high levels of protection.2(4)

The Alpinestars S-MX 6 are sports court boots that are designed to offer greater comfort to the user during the entire year and under all circumstances, without compromising security. The aim of these boots is to offer greater versatility to users combine batches in circuit with the outputs on the road, providing high levels of protection and greater ride comfort.


In general, the S-MX 6 provide less ventilation (find a timid air inlet on the outside of the ankle and one on the side of the cane) for the S-MX Plus and interiors studied for comfort and protection Thermal without losing touch with the frame of the bike. Also, they keep a balance between high structural stiffness sports court boots with the natural movements of the foot, through increased flexibility. These areas are more flexible in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon and at the top of the foot between the rod and the instep of the boot, using material accordion.8(5)


Outside of the S-MX 6 we find various reinforcements in critical areas of our foot. The outer sides have a protective TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) covering the ankle area. This material is also located on the slider, which is replaceable by a locking system via a small screw, which greatly facilitates the change.4(4)

Obviously, the areas of the heel, calf and shin are protected with the same material as well as the toe, which has a reinforcement on the inside for added protection, and improved durability. There is also a reinforcement in the forefoot to the shift lever.alpinestars-s-mx-6 (2)

alpinestars-s-mx-6After the racing look we find in the outside, we are faced with a designed for use in all seasons boots and, therefore, seek greater warmth inside, vital during winter or harsh weather conditions.

alpinestars-s-mx-6 (4)The interior lining, made of breathable fabric, has a non-slip area at the ankle, which improves foot support, internal movements avoiding penalizing touch as you change direction. In addition, internal staff has a reinforcement for added support in the arch area and also improves foot protection.

The interiors are made of different densities for optimal comfort and protection

9(7)The sole has a clever design that works out well when we met drainage on wet surfaces. The arrangement of the grooves in the sole of the boot has been designed so that the water evacuation quick and outward, while the rubber outsole ensures optimal grip on the running of the motorcycle. The same sole extends outside of the boot to cover the tip of it, ensuring greater strength in that area.3(5)


The insole is completely flat, which helps a good grip on. Also noted that the anatomical template has been prepared in EVA foam and Lycra, and is removable, and provides an optimal fit, plus perspiration.

The closure of the shoe is entrusted to a dual system, consisting of a rack over a wide Velcro flap which ensures a perfect fit, maximum flexibility and good insulation of the foot. Thanks to this kind of openness, we can take off our boots and put on easily, one more point in its favor given daily use we can give them.

In short, Alpinestar have a product targeted to have the best compromise between performance on track and meet the demands of the road, which make them an ideal boots for weekend getaways and circuit runs all year.


The S-MX 6 Alpinestars range version also features Gore-Tex, which provides greater thermal protection than the standard version, without compromising the safety and durability. We also noticed that the S-MX 6 are the only model sports court Alpinestars featuring a female version with a wider boot cane to bealpinestars-s-mx-6 (1)tter adapt to the ergonomics of the female audience.

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