Aveta Malaysia introduces its first sport bike and the 8th model line-up VZR250. It is designed for the young rider with its sleek bodywork and modern outlook.
The VZR250 is a motorcycle that is powered by a single cylinder, DOHC (double overhead cam) 4 stroke engine. It has a 6-speed gearbox and a liquid cooled cooling system to keep the engine running at optimal temperatures. With a maximum power output of 19 Kw at 9000 rpm and a maximum torque of 21 Nm at 7000 rpm, this motorcycle has plenty of power and acceleration to tackle the open road.
One of the features of the VZR250 is its fuel system, which utilizes EFI (electronic
fuel injection). This advanced system allows for precise fuel delivery and helps to improve overall engine performance and efficiency. The standout feature is the Combi Brake System (CBS) 2 front disc, but its seperated by operation. When the rider use the rear brakes the CBS will automatically operate the rear brakes and left front disc to slow down the motorcycle, while the front brakes utilise the front right disc. 

When it comes to stopping power, the VZR250 has dual disc brakes with 4 pistons on the front and a single disc brake with 2 pistons on the rear. Both of these brakes use CBS (combined braking system) technology, which helps to evenly distribute braking force between the front and rear wheels for improved stability and control.

Overall, the VZR250 is a well-rounded motorcycle that offers a potent combination of power,
handling, and braking performance. Whether you’re commuting through the city or hitting the open road, this motorcycle is sure to provide an exciting and enjoyable ride.
The VZR250 is retailing at RM14,998 and it is available in 3 colours; Jet Black, Fire Bird RED and Air Force BLUE.