The world is reachable on Benelli motorcycles!

6500km from Malaysia, epic journey


From the 13th of February 2015 to the 22nd of February 2015, a group of Benelli owners/riders performed what many would classify as an epic adventure ride. The ride took them through 3 nations, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.

1 KM more to China border with elephants greeting us, what a journey!
All smiles with our Benelli Trek aka the Green Goblin



Well she has a longer neck than me….. what the NECK oops! heck!

6The bikes and riders, Benelli Tre1130K – Ahmad Gorden Omar and wife Zarina, Benelli TnT600 – Aznir Affendy aka AyahandaMac, Benelli TnT300 – Mohd AliFitri was later jolined by another Benelli TNT600-Udinor Rizal who hooked up with the initial group in Loei, northern Thailand.


The ride took them to the farthest point in Laos, Boten, which is to many adventure overlander riders is like a “Mecca” and is a must to be reached. Boten, located merely 1 kilometer from the borders of Southern China, was the ultimate goal for these bikers and bikes.


87The Benelli TnT300, which is the latest offering from Benelli Keeway Motorcycles Malaysia Sdn Bhd, just recently launched was the star of the ride. It had made this journey flawlessly and amazingly took the beatings and grueling almost 6500KM roads that it covered. Riding almost 10 hours per day, the 9 day ride was considered by many as a crazy feat as on normal circumstances, such a ride to the same destination would take at least 14 days.

The other achievement is that, the Benelli Tre1130K, ridden by Ahmad Gorden Omar and pillion Zarina Buyong, is the first ever, Malaysian Assembled Benelli Tre1130K to thread this journey. Many eyebrows were raised when asked what? A Benelli can do this?


A9s for the other 2 riders, riding the Benelli TNT600, Ayahanda Mac and Udinor Rizal, this is to them an unforgettable personal experience and achievement, one that would forever be etched in history and a legacy for them personally . Ayahmac, who is physically challenged (polio when he was young) made the journey, armed with the strongest of will power we could imagine. Although challenged, he relentlessly pushed himself and his machine to the ultimate and in the end, not only him, but all the riders was rewarded. Rewarde with the feeling of satisfaction that, literally can’t be bought with dollars and cents.


11Many people had little or no regards for the Benelli’s. Often we hear, “Can ah this bike?” or “This bike got many problems” and “Oh its made in China” really? The above questions is now hoped to be silenced by this epic ride. This only goes to show that the bikes are worthy of being classified as trustworthy and reliable machines.12

Of course, the ultimate factor are the riders themselves.

13Finally, it is an achievement for Benelli Keeway Motorcycles Malaysia Sdn Bhd (BKM)as it can now make the claim of being the producer of the 1st Benelli TnT300 to have reached the China Border. If not the world, at least in South East Asia. Another claim that BKM can also be proud of is that the Benelli Tre1130K is the first ever, Malaysian assembled Benelli Tre1130K to make this journey.

Kudos to the riders and BKM.14

By Ahmad Gorden Omar – Benelli Tre1130K

I Benelli, Do you?

















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