EP Manufacturing Bhd (EPMB) has secured the green light from the government to register and license its first-ever two-wheel electric vehicles (EVs), about a month after it received conditional approval for the construction of its maiden manufacturing plant for the two-wheelers.

The Road Transport Department’s (JPJ)  National Committee for Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) and Homologation granted the VTA for EPMB’s Blueshark SG3000DT (Blueshark R1) model.

The VTA approval allows Blueshark R1 to be road registered and licensed by JPJ.

The auto parts maker first announced its venture into the manufacturing and distribution of two-wheeled EVs for Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets in March, after signing an agreement with CIS Pride Silver Rock Fund (CIS) and China-based Sharkgulf Technologies Group Ltd to undertake the business.

“Simultaneously, Blueshark also applied for the equivalent VTA for other Asean countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam for Blueshark R1 in their respective countries.

With the conditional approval, EP Blueshark is on track to establish a manufacturing plant and sales and distribution centre to assemble, manufacture and distribute the Blueshark-branded two-wheel EVs in Malaysia.

The Blueshark two-wheelers is powered by a new-generation portable and swappable lithium-ion batteries, making the bikes more compact and efficient. Within seconds, users will be able to swap the used batteries for fully-charged batteries at the “swap stations”.

These “swap stations” can be positioned anywhere accessible such as convenience stores, fuel stations and parking lots. The batteries can also be charged at home, using dedicated charging docks.

Blueshark recently had invited local motoring media to have a better understanding of Blueshark’s technology and to test ride the R1.

Blueshark R1:

  • Aiming at young urban commuters.
  • The under seat area carries two battery packs that power an EV magnetic motor 
  • Range of 100km mileage with full charge
  • 74 Sensors making the R1 the smartest EV scooter in the market

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