BMW F 800 GS has started operations at its factory of BMW Group Thailand, in Rayong. This is the second BMW bike to be assembled in Thailand.


BMW Group Thailand to celebrate the launch of the new BMW F 800 GS, this BMW  motorcycles are one of two models that have been assembled at the Rayong factory.CKD_1

BMW Group Thailand launches motorcycle assembly lines of F 800 GS is equipped with multi-spec sport at this factory to reinforce BMW present and demand in Asia said, Mr. Matthias May Pfalz. President of BMW Group Thailand.


BMW Motorcycles topped the success in the world with strong in the first six months of the year in 2014 with sales of motorcycles and maxi – Scooters around the world, 70,978 units (64,941 units sold. in the previous year), with growth rates around the world increased 9.3 percent compared with the same period a year earlier.


“This year will be another year, BMW is celebrating the success of the new statistics. The BMW F 800 GS model was assembled in the country will uphold our outstanding success in this continually, and satisfy the needs of the motorcycle market and reinforces its growth and market leadership of BMW Bikes in Thailand and the region also expanded its line of motorcycle BMW, the F 800 GS is a result, customers can own a big bike tweaked with Zero Sports spec with ease, this will help strengthen our market coverage in the long run. “Mr. May Matthias Pfalz, President, BMW Group Thailand concluded.

Trusting Thailand’s rich skills and abilities, I and all the staff are so very pleased for the start of the assembly line, for BMW F 800 GS in our factory in Rayong. This not only reflects our confidence in Thailand as a manufacturing hub of the automobile and motorcycle in Asia, but also the confidence of the big bike market in Asia is likely to grow steadily. Evidenced by the response to the success of BMW, the F 800 R, which is a motorcycle manufacturer BMW, first started operations in Thailand late last year.


With a successful track record spanning more than 30 years of the BMW GS family has appeared in the opening line of this expansion. With the participation of Mr.’s Kevin Sanders, owner of Guinness, and a member of Globe Busters.(GlobeBusters), who rode on a motorcycle trip across the continent from London to Bangkok on
a GS’s and cover a distance of over 20,800 across Western Europe through the city of Istanbul. Follow the Silk Road through Georgia Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan locations, Kazakhstan to the province, Xian, China (city as ancient Silk Road) and travel a long way with horses tea (Tea Horse Road) go. Laos Through the land borders the Golden Triangle of Thailand – Burma and face routing “1864 Curve” until it reaches its final destination, Na Bangkok For the BMW F 800 GS, traveling on the road and off-road routes.

Since it began operations in the year 2013, the BMW Group is the investment cost for the plant, the BMW Group Manufacturing Rayong. Worth over 60 million euros worth. RC.Moto

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