5 3IMAGINE, riding solo to a destination 100~200 km away during holidays or just a weekend ride to a favorite eating place. But half way there your bike breakdown? Stuck half way, no 3g or weak GPRS, a handy number bikers need to have is 019 441 6162 Moto BikeBulance (Pablo) he will dispatch his team to rescue you and your bike although be prepared to pay abit extra during the holidays. In our case RM250.00 was charged to send our snapped chain bike to Petaling Jaya from middle of Batang Kali to Gotong Jaya. Was a good experience atleast as we were stranded for a 2 hours plus watching cars passing by and was almost late evening, the sky was turning darker and darker. One fellow Kawasaki biker (Kaptain Duffy Duffy) who was driving with his family that time stopped and ask me whats the problem and if i need assistance, I told him I had called BikeBulance  help is on the way. Was nice of him to offer me water and bread.

Last week we attended Kawasaki RoadAssist launch, that was good news for Kawasaki owners. Kawasaki Malaysia‘s collaboration with Tokio Marine Insurance Bhd was a welcome sign to bikers, as we never know when will we get a flat tyre, dead or flat b2attery, chain snap and throttle cable snap. Kawasaki RoadAssist will be available to Kawasaki owners from April 2015. 8Kawasaki bikes not more than 10 years old will be able to have a peace of mind if any breakdown happens. K.M.S.B. will provide a toll free hotline 1-800-88-5672(KMSB) to its valued Kawasaki owners.4