As part of the project that aims at customization Faster Son MT series by Yamaha , Oberdan Bezzi offers these evocative versions that pays homage to the champions past and present who have raced with the motion of the three tuning forks

yamaha_mt_09_r_by_obiboi-d68u1bcThe first yellow and black is the Kenny taking over the graphics of the bike of Kenny RobertsĀ YAMAHA MT-09 FASTER SON_1

But second with spoked wheels and then a little more vintage is called “August” so as it is called 15 times world champion Giacomo Agostini.YAMAHA MT-09 FASTER SON_2

While the latest the most modern of the three that is impressed in the number 46 is the Vale, the now motorcycling legend Valentino Rossi

Credits to Oberdan Bezzi DesignYAMAHA MT-09 FASTER SON_