Fred “Krugger” Bertrand has, to the best of our knowledge, absolutely no relation to the deranged Friday the 13th madman. Truth be told he’s probably crazier, if his latest ride is anything to go on. While he’s consistently one of the top motorcycle builders in the world, the K1600 Nurb that you’re looking at takes things a step or three further. K1600_0

The project was started when BMW of France, having studied some of Krugger’s other bikes, dropped off a perfectly fine K1600 and told him to go nuts. The only restraints were that the bike had to retain all the technical advancements, like traction control and electronically-adjusting suspension. For Fred “Krueger” Bertrand, then t’s just another challenge …K1600_12

BMW Motorrad has attracted Krueger for the construction of a unique project for a reason. The Belgian is considered one of the best customizers in the world. “Build a motorcycle is not difficult , said Fred. – However, while preserving the original toppings on such a bike as the K1600 bike is not easy. The biggest challenge in working with the K1600 was an electrician from the engine control unit and ending up with a plurality of sensors. “K1600_11

Master managed to keep, intact the motor and electronics and radically changed the appearance of the bike. Massive power plant was placed in a new frame, new swingarm rear mounted. Front “duolever” has undergone a radical processing: the drain was only shock.

When you create a body elements, the details of which were made of steel and aluminum, Fred was inspired by the pre-war BMW R7. 21-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels are made to order. Among other things, the Belgian set a completely new brake system Beringer, having managed to connect it to a standard unit BMW ABS. The main fuel tank is now located under the seat, in addition to behind the bike is a second container…  K1600_9

The only electronic bits he was allowed to remove were the radio, the GPS system, and the heated seat, which was promptly replaced with this beautiful distressed leather number.K1600_1

BMW also stressed that the bike had to retain all of the six-cylinder’s original 161 hp. With that in mind, Krugger removed the engine, the shocks, all of the electronics, and a few miscellaneous pieces…and threw the rest of the bike out.With that, he began the 3,000 hour task of building every inch of the bike from scratch. K1600_11 K1600_10 K1600_8

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