CoVid-19 already started to hit the economy with the infection reaching over one million as of today, and economy slaughter has not even started just yet already there are announcements small manufacturers and start-ups are closing down or in the midst of foreclosure. Druid Motorcycles are one of them. Shutting down operations in Vietnam means its a wrap. 

About Druid Motorcycles

Founded by Milan Svoboda after a lifetime of aerospace design and beekeeping, Druid brings together a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists with the goal of transforming the motorcycle. The Sorcerer is the first of many new announcements to be launched over the next years to bring radical mobility awareness to the world. 

Welcome to i-Moto 2.0. 

We welcome our readers to contribute their ride experience and custom mods of their rides .Readers can also send us your ride photos and videos. Thanks for your support! We Love You! r

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