EiCMA always is a launch pad to tease everyone with a near-production-looking concept. And Husqvarna emerge with the Norden 901 concept which took our interest on Adventure bikes to the next level.

Having been at the Husky relaunch back in 2014 in Sweden with the offroad series, and Norden being a Scandinavian word meaning “the north” makes it an appropriate name for an ADV bike from the land of Husky.

Obviously the Norden 901 is based around KTM’s 890 Duke engine of middleweight Adventure and Adventure R.

The KTM 790 Adventure created a new category of ADV bike: the ADV Supersport. Its light weight and small stature mark it as a bike that could potentially open up the genre to people who are intimidated by the daunting size and weight of typical ADV bikes. For Asian size like me to handle a Big DP 1200cc is a big fear! Even with good offroad skills, a heavy DP bike if take a tumble would take big big energy!

The Norden 901 to us represents a little more retro style and less sharpness but a new looking Dakar  Rally looking bike more than an Dual Purpose Adventure style kinda of bike.  

The stealth looking blacked-out paint looks like a dazzle and stealthy motorcycle, and for sure Husqvarna has all the good stuffs as KTM places the Husky as a more premium segment. 

I’m truly in love with the circular headlamp, the simple windscreen, and the rally-inspired silhouette which reinterpretations the classic forms of Paris Dakar Rally bikes. I always a fan of retro modern styled design and the Norden 901 straight hits me and stuck to my head. Bring it on Husqvarna, Rimba Raid awaits!

At EiCMA, Husqvarna previewed the Norden with soft luggage that looks neat, away from hard panniers makes the Norden truly retro modern style. Use of TFT display is another plus point to make the Norden 901 a desired package.

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