The GSX-8S was developed with flexibility in mind. The distinctive street fighter styled GSX-8S is adaptable to all ages and skill levels and offers accessible performance. The GSX-8S comes with S.I.R.S with systems including SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) with three different output modes, traction control system also with three modes selection, and bi-directional quick-shift system that allows up and down shifting without operating the clutch.
The lightweight aluminum swingarm contributes to nimble handling. The unique and modern styling is highlighted in its functional beauty and accentuated by exposing the engine, seat rails and distinctive short exhaust.
The engine is the gem of the GSX-8S. Willing and able while being smooth and linear, a rider may choose to either enjoy the scenery or enjoy the curves. The rich mid-range and torquey low end allows flexibility in gear choices and the excellent quick shifter is seamless in operation.
Handling is light and precise without being nervous and instills confidence in the rider, whatever level of skill they possess. Suzuki have equipped the GSX-8S with very capable brakes and optimized front and rear suspension to fully utilize the GSX-8S abilities.
The high tech S.I.R.S engine management system keeps the rider in control and does not intrude into the riding experience, allowing a new rider to explore his abilities while also allowing the experienced rider a capable safety net. The GSX-8S is a flexible and adaptable mount and excels in the city or out on the open road.
Key Technical Features:
• All-new 776 cc DOHC 4-stroke liquid-cooled parallel twin with Suzuki Cross Balancer system and 270 degree crankshaft producing 83 horsepower and 57.5 ft-lb of torque.
• New design cast aluminium 17 inch alloy wheels
• Twin Nissin radial-mount 4 piston front calipers acting upon 310 mm discs
• Short muffler design for a low and centralised Centre of Gravity
• 5-inch colour TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel with Night mode monitors all the bike’s systems and settings and supplies vital real-time operating status information. The LCD screen displays the Speedometer, Tachometer, Riding range, Odometer, Dual trip meter, Gear position, Water temperature, Ambient temperature, Average fuel consumption, Instant fuel consumption, SDMS mode, ABS mode, ABS rear off, Traction control mode, Quick Shift (On/Off), Fuel gauge, 12-hour clock, Voltmeter, and Service reminder.
• Twin LED headlight and combination rear tail and brake light and the lightweight LED turn signals offers high visibility, low electrical draw and high durability.

On the other hand, the GSX 800S is poised to ignite the thrill of sport riding enthusiasts. With its dynamic styling, cutting-edge technology, and impressive power output, this motorcycle is designed to offer an exhilarating and responsive ride. Whether on twisty roads or open highways, the GSX 800S is expected to deliver a thrilling performance that will leave riders craving more.

Suzuki Malaysia’s decision to introduce this new models demonstrates their commitment to meeting the demands of the market and providing riders with exciting options in the middleweight segment. By combining innovation, performance, and reliability, Suzuki aims to captivate riders and establish a strong presence in this competitive market.

Suzuki GSX800S from RM50,800
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