After waiting for months since its launch by Hong Leong Yamaha back in June 2014, we finally got our hands on the throttle of the MT-09. And expected meaning of MT (Maximum Torque) we gave the MT-09 the maximum throttle it deserve, and we like how it performs. Yamaha’s MT-09 middleweight roadster was spectacular.8

1One thing needs to be made clear from the off from the start of the pull down electric starter, is the MT-09 even on the STD mode clearly is light weight in the front, where you can wheelie just by changing to 2nd gear at 4,500 rpm and the front wheel goes up easily. Clutch it on 3rd it the front goes up again. We love it but for less experience riders start with B mode. Redline of the MT-09 is @ 11,000 rpm.

MT-09 has 3 ride modes to be selected, Standard, A mode (Aggressive) and B mode we call it Basic as we use it on wet tarmac. Standard mode is active as you start the MT-09, and on the fly you can change the modes. We took a few days on the standard mode, still the MT-09 is torquey The MT-09 is eager to get going. The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T / fly-by-wire) offers instant response in STD mode, with a sharper A mode and less sharp B mode to play with.19
At low rpm the 850cc, three cylinder engine is smooth, but as we put a little more throttle on the fly by wire, and the 115hp torque kicks in. Experience riders will love the power and torque it produces. Newer riders will enjoy MT-09 flexibility, low weight, lower seating position and upright riding position.

14The sculpted 3-into-1 exhaust is tucked out of the way, allowing over 51° of lean, the same as an R6, but it’s far too quiet as we only hear zinging sound and air filter.
With a die-cast cast aluminium frame and swingarm the MT-09 weighs just 188kg. This lightness helps maximise acceleration, agility, handling and braking performance. But the rear shock and front forks aren’t as beautifully-controlled as althrough we can kneedown where whenever we want. The suspension feels soft for our riding style. (We suggest an aftermarket suspension upgrade for serious riders. Nitron NTR Sport – Big-Piston Integral Pressurised Gas-Monotube Rear Shock Absorber)21

New twin 298mm floating disc with monobloc brakes delivers strong and consistence braking performance. The riding position is natural, comfortable and the seat low enough for shorter riders – but it’s hard and gives you numb bum after an hour’s riding. These problems can be sorted out, but there is no excuse for palming off new product of this standard. If we don’t mind owning a MT-09 in our garage, sure we will fully customise to our riding ways.DSC_0113 (Medium)
One of the key goals in the MT-09 development project was to create a machine that gives the rider increased levels of pleasure and enjoyment by being able to control the machine at will. More than any other form of transport, a well-designed motorcycle should feel like an extension of the body.
The MT-09 comes with a all-new lightweight 10-spoke wheels. To emphasize the MT-09’s compact and agile character and also to accentuate the ‘mass-forward’ image, this new-generation sport bike is fitted with new cast-aluminium 10-spoke wheels. Their lightweight construction minimizes the bike’s unsprung weight for responsive suspension characteristics, and the new wheels are equipped with new radial tyres that have been developed jointly with the manufacturer. At the front is a 120/70ZR17 tyre, while the rear wheel runs with a 180/55ZR17tyre for high levels of handling stability and traction.DSC_0101 (Medium)

3Both our test riders cant get enough of the MT-09, can you believe that. Maybe we shall wait for the CKD version of MT-09 which will be priced at RM47,500, comparing to the model we tested which is a CBU unit which cost RM54,000 bike price. Of course it’s wonderful to have a funky, lightweight triple out there at a reasonable price. But the concept should never obscure a harsher reality on reliability modern Yamahas rarely let you down. Just don’t lose your licence when you keep popping the wheelie as we been warned.2
MT-09 is available at all Yamaha authorised showroom, Hong Leong Yamaha only brought in 100 CBU unit to Malaysia before producing their own CKD units by end of December.

Yamaha MT-09 Specfication
Top speed226km/h
Max power115 bhp
Max torque119 Nm
Weight188 kg
Seat height815 mm
Fuel capacity14 litres
Average fuel consumption6.7 per 100 km
Tank range210 km
Engine size847 cc
Engine specification12v, inline-triple
FrameCast aluminium perimeter frame and double-sided swingarm
Front suspension adjustment41mm USD forks adjustable for preload and rebound damping
Rear suspension adjustmentSingle rear shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping
Front brakes2 x 298mm discs with four-piston monobloc radial calipers.
Rear brake245mm single disc with single-piston caliper.
Front tyre size120/70 x 17
Rear tyre size180/55 x 17

MT-09 is available at all Yamaha authorised showroom, Hong Leong Yamaha only brought in 100 CBU unit to Malaysia before producing their own CKD units by end of December.

i-Moto rates the Yamaha MT-09:
Track: (Rear Suspension MUST change)7/10
Handling: (Advisable for a rear change)7/10
Fast Roads: (Ride like supermoto rider)8/10
Knee Down Rating: 8/10
New Rider: 7/10
Hooligan: (Really a Hooligan bike)10/10
Desirability: (with some customization)8/10
Wheelie: (4th gear also can wheelie!)10/10
Overall: 9/10

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