The first carbon helmet from the Italian luggage supremos GIVI. Designed with sports touring in mind, the new X-Carbon is lightweight at just 1250g (medium) and features an advanced ventilation system, drop-down sun visor and a double D-ring chin strap. 

Continuing on GIVI’s long tradition of providing the best Head Protection System (HPS), the GIVI HPS 40.5 X-Carbon represents a new paradigm for the luggage supremo. 

The HPS 40.5 X-Carbon takes the aerodynamic shape of a race-ready helmet. Racing helmets usually need to forgo many features of the everyday road helmet, making them impractical. However, instead of eliminating these features, GIVI added practical features for everyday riding in all conditions.


  • Aerodynamic shell for maximum stability at all speeds.
  • Aerodynamic stability promotes rider comfort.
  • Clear-coated carbon fibre looks aggressive.
  • Carbon fibre is both lightweight and strong.
  • Anti-scratch visor.
  • Visor ready for Pinlock anti-fog insert.
  • Visor easy to remove without needing tools. One Push Button for quick release cleaning.
  • Sunvisor drops down with easy to reach button.
  • Upper and chin guard vents for airflow.
  • Extractors pull out hot air from inside.
  • Luxurious, anallergic comfort liner.
  • Double D-ring strap for maximum safety.
  • Ear pockets ready for Bluetooth Intercom headset.
  • Helmet conforms to ECE EN 22.06 regulations.

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