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Japanese brands, when it comes to the old high-end brands, the first thought is KUSHITANI, because the use of the sacred mountain of Mount Fuji in Japan as a trademark, Mount Fuji as the brand’s nickname. One of the most top-level racing gloves GPR 6-1 series, and the biggest difference from other manufacturers the gloves does not have any hard protective gear, in exchange for maximum freedom of hand.







KUSHITANI was first developed in 1974, located in Shizuoka  Hamamatsu City founded by a couple of leather stores, because they treated both thick quality leather, soft and strong, gradually its reputation. In 1953, KUSHITANI locomotive manufacturer received an invitation to perform knight piece leather design and production, and launched the first set of racing suits Knight in 1955, and won the “easy to wear and excellent security,” such as the highest evaluated.

GPR 6-1 series KUSHITANI top racing leather gloves, in order to allow the rider to have a flexible and delicate manipulation of the throttle and levers, GPR 6-1 glove does not use a hard protective gear, such as carbon fiber or titanium. The use of “multiple structural systems” and be able to follow human movement retractable “STRETCH SHIELD telescopic shock absorbing material” combine to give maximum freedom of hands under effective protection.

Material Design
GPR 6-1 series +8p consists of kangaroo leather with a milk cow, self-tanning by the KUSHITANI, both softness and strength, plus water repellent treatment, can improve the ability of the surface stain. Use KUSHITANI main protector of K FOAM + materials are hydrophobic foam material, with a very good shock absorption capacity. Inside using Kevlar fibers, to further strengthen the glove structure. Ring finger and little finger of the glove, but also when riding outside hands, the use of high strength, high heat resistance and non-flammable properties GPR 6-1 series.





Inside the gloves also use Kevlar and part of the elastic fabric.

K-Foam Test

Use the experience
KUSHITANI itself is a company started to produce leather, leather processing in the office who have been insisting the Japanese expertise. Some racing leather gloves on the market, in order to enhance the feel, especially the fingertips touch, using external suture approach. The GPR 6-1 although the use of more aesthetically pleasing design of the stitching, but still has a very good feeling fingers, which is relying on leather sewn construction method to achieve both aesthetic and practical expertise. Not just pull a sense of giving feedback fingertip feel great, when you grip the handle, with previous experience different wearing leather gloves, the use of kangaroo leather thickness can be achieved only thinner leather strength of this advantage, wearing leather gloves to grip the handle and unnatural feelings generated is almost eliminated.

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Fixed mining bilateral arm design.


Protection outside using ZYLON material.


The stitching design.

GPR 6-1 in the arm is to use bilateral fixed design, such as France, FIVE, SBK has made use of this design approach. This design is fixed on the slightly cumbersome to wear off, but it can be better in a small arm. The wrist strap is seen KUSHITANI ingenuity. The use of multiple tectonic systems, wrist strap beam port coupled to a finger through the glove, but a hands-tightening will be connected with a leather back brace close hand, is not easy to achieve perfect fit due to accidental fall.


The Holy Mountain as a trademark.



Gloves Top


Gloves Back


After tightening wrist band will be back protector layers associated with closer fit the hand. IMG_5262 (Custom)

All sutures are using Kevlar fibers.

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Beam port itself is not directly fixed to the glove wrist.

In nearly 200km of riding mileage down, GPR 6-1 show admirable dexterity with both hands. Many racing gloves under the rigid brace, wrist activity space will have an impact. This makes each time you turn the throttle, the wrist needs to spend a little more effort to resist the glove itself is limited, long ride will increase the burden on the wrist. Also riding high-powered vehicles in the output of high speed, it is also more delicate throttle operation, avoid excessive force counterattack.

KUSHITANI for leather material requirements, pursue goals both technical merit, but also became his shortcomings. In addition, GPR 6-1 only in the eyes of the boxing has come to play a few holes of ventilation, easy flow of the riders do not recommend hand sweat summer wear. Also because feel good, handles shock passed over more direct than through palm leather gloves, which can be said to feel good and cannot avoid small drawback.

Retail Price: RM899 

KUSHITANI is distributed in Malaysia by Sinar Puncak Sdn. Bhd.2440, Lorong Perusahaan 10, Kawasan Perindustrian Perai, 13600, Perai, Pulau, Pinang, Malaysia.

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