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Kushitani’s Racing Standard models was renewed and the specifications for racing used has changed significantly from the specification standard. Kushitani had a pattern change while still remain the comfort standard pattern of a conventional riding suit.k0065xxbb

prtoKushitani’s proto-core leather is a top-quality natural material. Due to the softness of the leather, our proto-core suits fit better than the ordinary race suit.  Water resistance prevents the suit from getting heavy through rain or sweat. This material forms to your body, is water proof, and provides maximum comfort. Riders say that these suits feel like leather pajamas. You should really try our top quality leather race suits.
Learn what it takes to make a Kushitani suit. From the selection of leather, to cutting and stitching. We take extra care to provide you with the very best products we can produce.

Punched mesh: Kushitani suits are perforated, for maximum airflow and minimum body exhaustion. Punched mesh and punched mesh shirring are also a Kushitani patent (Pat:1810469 and 1810470). The debut of Kushitani’s punched mesh suits was at the grueling SUZUKA 8 HOUR endurance race in Japan.

zylonHas excellent performance, in such properties as creep, chemical resistance, cut/abrasion resistance, and high temperature abrasion resistance, which far exceed all other fibers. It is 5 times stronger than carbon fiber, and 7times stronger than Kevlar.

kfoamKUSHITANI’S ARMOR:Kushitani’s revolutionary K-FOAM is a highly shock absorbing memory foam, which molds itself to your individual moldy shape. We use K-FOAM in Kushitani race suits, jackets, gloves, as well as boots. We have been using K-Foam for more than 5 years, and there is no equivalent material on the market yet. K-Foam’s effectiveness has been proven over and over.
All of our race suits are made of Holstein leather, which comes from cows bred in Japan, specifically for Kushitani.That’s how we get our leather so smooth and supple, yet EXTREMELY strong. We use only about 60% of a hide, only the strongest parts, to manufacture our leather suits.

Producing one of the safest race suits on the market, we have to use the proper raw material. Kushitani uses cowhide from cows, especially bred for Kushitani. You might think, there is no possibility to inspect the raw material. However, we can influence it. There is appropriate leather for every product. The leather must be chosen according to the value standard of the product. Not only high quality leather makes high quality products, workmanship is also essential to production. We create most valuable suits for motorcycle racing. We constantly pursue all possibilities in R&D with the intention of only producing the safest and most comfortable  garments in the world.

xpaternKushitani’s X-Pattern is a patented (Pat:905216) Kushitani original design. During the 1993 race season the Kushitani contracted riders tested the then newly developed X-pattern suits for first time. We have modified this design several times over the years, each time with the rider’s comfort and safety in mind. We now use Zylon Knit, giving even more movement and ventilation.


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Learn about leather care.
For dust and light dirt acquired after your wear, you can simply wipe with a soft cloth. For dirt acquired by friction or oil, please use a leather cleaner.

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KUSHITANI Racing Suit K0065XX Glide Suit Made in Japan. Easy order system. You build your racing suit wearing one in the world in the color of your choice and color of your vehicle. Color ring, of course, you can choose from among the 16 size size variations. It is possible to apply a fine-tuning if you would like further from the nearest size. Contact 018-3560601 to get your KUSHITANI Racing Suit right now!



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