Riding a bike is an exhilarating experience! You can imagine the pure bliss you’ll have when you’re riding that bike of yours, with the speed exciting you, the wind in your face, and the traffic it helps you escape. It also happens to be more economical!
However, there are two sides to a coin. And, as much fun riding a bike can be, it can also be equally dangerous, and many times, fatal. If you are riding motorbikes, or are thinking of starting soon, you must know that wearing a helmet while riding one is of utmost importance to protect yourself from injuries and fatal crashes.
The head trauma is the worst experience to recover from. You might get away with a slight scratch on your body, but things get complicated when the head gets involved. That is why wearing a helmet is mandatory when you’re riding your bike, and when it comes to protecting the most important part of your body, nothing less than the best will do!
Technology in helmets has just begun this century with Jarvis Inc of Taiwan who recently launched the SMART INTELLIGENT HELMET. So how smart and intelligent is Jarvis?
We know that this is the question going on in your minds and we will tell you why. With technology dominating each and every aspect of our lives, why should traveling be left out?
There is nothing better than having a helmet that, instead of making the wearer feel suffocated, helps him become more aware of his surroundings and take the biking experience to the next level. That is precisely what Smart Helmets will do – revolutionize by adding technology in your biking experience. Jarvis Inc is a revolutionary technology based company that works to bring a more technologically advanced atmosphere in the world of helmets. Imagine you can hear your Waze with Heads Up Display (HUD), communicate with other headset, record your ride and answer call during your ride.

In 2014 Jarvish Inc partnered Lazer Helmet during the development of Smart Helmet, Jarvis is fitted in Lazer’s modular helmet Monaco EVO S which has withstood the strictest safety tests. They ran in the lab, vibration-under-high-speed test, waterproof test, environmental test for extremely high and low temperatures, drop test, and destructive explosion-proof test.
10c ~ 50c temperature
Jarvish also partnered Foxxcom and its camera are waterproof which is fitted in the Smart Helmet.
Battery is made of ceramic and its anti-explosion
Waterproof level: IPX5
Voice command: After the mobile phone Bluetooth is connected to the intelligent helmet, voice commands can be used to control the functions including camera recording, telephone answering, volume adjustment, music playing, etc.

Recording function: 1920 X 1080P, traveling dynamic status can be recorded via the recording function.
Safety certificate: ECE R22.05 (Regional), DOT(Regional), CNS 2396, CNS 13438, CNS 13439, NCC-CCAM17LP0170T2.
APP: Through the Wi-Fi connection, videos can be downloaded and the system status of the intelligent helmet can be viewed. The navigation function allows the input of destination address before each trip and voice commands for navigation can be transmitted to the earphones of the intelligent helmet via Bluetooth connection. (Satellite navigation may have errors and it is recommended for reference usage only).
Helmet shell material: The helmet shell uses a carbon fibre composite material characterized by high stiffness, high strength and light weight.

Battery features: Use a solid state lithium ceramic military grade material anti-explosion battery. Under extreme conditions, such as piercing, collision, rupture etc., the battery is maintained to be safe without the occurrence of battery solution leakage, smoke or burning, etc.
Ventilation features: The mouth portion and forehead portion are equipped with two-stage adjustable air inlets in conjunction with the design of additional three air outlets in order to ensure air ventilation inside the helmet. The two areas of the lower rear portion are provided with heat sinks.
Quick-removal inner lining: The inner lining is of a removable design along with anti-bacterial and mite-proof treatments; the inner lining is also washable.

Jarvis Smart Helmet is distributed in Malaysia by RT Ride Tech Motorsports, and available in 3 colour and suggested retail priced at RM3500


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