Amazing power from the SOHC engine, combined with razor-sharp handling make the FS 450 a formidable supermoto machine. Top-level performance is at the rider’s finger tips thanks to the latest high-performance brakes and slipper clutch, making it easy to make moves on the opposition under braking. The 60hp engine will make sure the lead is maintained down the straights.



 The APTC slipper clutch by Adler prevents rear wheel instability and hopping when braking hard into the apex of a turn, for maximum control and perfect supermoto-style drifting. The Brembo hydraulic system guarantees perfect clutch modulation.fs450_engine


 A lightweight 5-speed gearbox, with specific gearing for supermoto, is fitted to the 450 engine to give maximum performance on the vast majority of track layouts.


Exceptional power in a compact SOHC design layout delivers class-leading engine performance by maximising cutting-edge technology. The extremely wide power band of the FS 450’s engine allows riders to confidently tackle any track, and the high-tech engine management system combined with the super-smooth 5-speed supermoto gearbox and light clutch action, are sure to deliver race winning performance at every level.


The FS 450’s engine is characterised by a single overhead cam that actuates four lightweight titanium valves, only 32 grams each, via lightweight and rigid rocker arms (DLC coated on the intake). The diameter of the intake valves is 38mm, while on the exhaust it is 33mm. The broad power band of the FS 450 stretches to 11,500 rpm, peaking at 60 hp while maintaining exceptional torque low in the rev range. A three layer head gasket is used to guarantee durability.

The design of the swingarm has been optimised according to the stiffness characteristics of the rest of the chassis. In order to give maximum rider confidence and comfort, while making the most of the Husqvarna engine characteristics in terms of traction and power, the aluminium swingarm has specific flex characteristics. The single-component casting process eliminates welding and guarantees consistent behaviour and quality. Strong but light, the beautifully styled aluminium cast swingarm provides perfect stability and safety.
The three-piece subframe made of high-strength polyamide with a precision injection moulded production process, has been designed to offer stiffness while flexing more than an aluminium subframe, complementing the flex characteristics of the frame in order to offer optimum rider feedback and feeling in all conditions. The lightweight design offers engineers unlimited opportunities in integrating features such as all the electronics and the airbox.

The lightweight chromium molybdenum frame has precise longitudinal flex that helps absorb impacts from the rear wheel, working together with the suspension for better comfort and giving the rider greater feedback. The torsional rigidity, on the other hand, has been optimised to enhance turn-in, sharp handling and stability, giving the rider complete confidence in finding his lines and increasing his pace lap after lap. The frame design is the same as the FC 450 motocross model. The signature white frame is made by WP in an ultra-advanced production plant. The highly automated process involves hydro-forming and robot welding for maximum precision and consistent quality that is reflected in the supreme performance of every Husqvarna motorcycle, straight off the showroom floor.

Exceptional stopping power is guaranteed by Brembo brakes, featuring a 4-piston radially mounted caliper and pump in combination with a 310 mm disc from Braking at the front. A single piston caliper and a 220mm disc are fitted to the rear. The perfectly placed controls allow for optimal feel and balance under extreme conditions.

WP suspension stands for top quality and offers the best performance levels. Precision engineering, quality materials and advanced production processes are an integral part of the WP forks on the Husqvarna FS 450. The 48mm closed cartridge front fork, matched with CNC machined black triple clamps, ensure exceptional handling and feel of the front end, thanks to accurate and consistent damping characteristics of the closed cartridge technology. 280 mm suspension travel and supermoto-specific settings, along with complete adjustability in rebound and compression damping, allow riders to take full advantage of the agile chassis and adapt the handling according to their own riding styles and track conditions.

The high performance rear shock made by WP has been specifically designed for supermoto. Rear suspension travel is 292 mm and the shock is completely adjustable in rebound and high/low speed compression, guaranteeing excellent stability and world class damping.

WHEELS AND TYRESfs450_tires2
Black 16.5”/17” Behr spoked wheels on the front and rear respectively, are lightweight and strong. They are complemented by Metzeler Racetec SM 125/80 R420 and 165/55 R17 slick tyres for maximum grip, traction and agility.Black 16.5”/17” Behr spoked wheels on the front and rear respectively, are lightweight and strong. They are complemented by Metzeler Racetec SM 125/80 R420 and 165/55 R17 slick tyres for maximum grip, traction and agility.

The CNC machined triple clamps have precisely engineered flex designed into them that allows the fork tubes to flex under stress. This gives the rider more feeling under braking. They are designed to evenly distribute the clamping force on the fork leg, maximizing contact area for optimal sensitivity and minimum friction.fs450_triple_clamps2

Tightly wrapped around the engine and frame, the FS 450’s bodywork is designed to connect the rider’s body to the bike, for a perfect fit of man and machine, allowing for total control in all conditions for the most diverse body sizes.fs450_tank

The large airbox is integrated in the composite rear subframe and is designed to allow quick and easy filter change in seconds without tools. The FS 450 fits a Twin Air filter as standard and has dedicated air intake snorkels designed for maximum power.

Just as on the other 4-strokes in the Husqvarna line-up, the FS 450 fits an electric start system. The electric start is a priceless companion, especially after falling in the heat of battle.

The 7.5 litre fuel tank fits perfectly within the tailor-made bodywork and features a reliable and safe threaded filler cap.