1_Copy14Ducati Hypermotard SP love the twisty road and the payoff was awesome. And this Hypermotard SP is looking for a new owner, as the current owner is waiting for his 2015 Ducati Multistrada         10


15Comfort, is not an issue with Ducati’s 2013 Hypermotard SP. Its riding position is far more relaxed, thanks to a taller handlebar and more than 3 extra inches of space between the bar and seat. Additionally, the footpegs have been moved forward by almost 3 inches, helping to create a more upright riding position.11

Versions will be offered here in the i-Moto i-Classified new feature is a used 2013 Hypermotard SP, the track-oriented, high-performance streetbike

Brand-new design in every conceivable way, the Hypermotard SP has been redesigned to be more refined and user-friendly, while also being less maintenance-intensive. It’s powered exclusively by a liquid-cooled 821cc V-Twin and the latest ride-by-wire throttle systems, together with multiple riding and engine-response modes, allow a single bike to be many different things to many different people.

3_Copy1Major service intervals have been increased to 30,000 km, a milestone for Ducati, this Hypermotard has only run 8851km with a very experience owner Mr Kwang of Sg Buloh Welly. Some may grumble that another one 5of Ducati’s character-rich, air-cooled, two-valve engines has been replaced by a more modern liquid-cooled mill that’s disrespectful of tradition. Since consumers are demanding more power and better rideabilty, which is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with old technology.

Ducati’s designers threw every trick at the Hyper’s engine. Borrowing technology from the Multistrada, Diavel and Panigale, engineers were able to create the specific power and output characteristics the Hypermotard needed. The four-valve Testastretta V-Twin has a reduced bore/stroke ratio of 1.30 from its 88 x 67.6mm dimensions, as compared to the 1078’s 1.37 (98 x 71.5mm). This design, with its short 11-degree-overlap interval valve timing and high 12.8:1 compression ratio, produces smooth power, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and good torque. Ducati claims 110 horsepower at 9250 rpm and 65.8 foot-pounds of peak torque at 7750.

12The Hypermotard SP modes are a bit more aggressive: Race (110 hp, “High” throttle response and Level One ABS applied only to the front wheel, with no rear ABS); Sport (110 hp, “Medium” throttle response, Level Two ABS with some rear-lift control); and Wet (75 hp, “Low” throttle response and Level Three ABS with maximum braking stability and rear-wheel lift prevention).2_Copy1

Electronics, as mentioned, play a significant role in how the engine performs and behaves. The ride-by-wire throttle allows differing levels of power output and throttle response. On the standard Hypermotard, the modes are: Sport (110 hp, “High” throttle response), Touring (110 hp, “Medium” throttle response) and Urban (75 hp, “Low” throttle response). As a part of the Ducati Safety Pack, each mode also selects the appropriate ABS and traction-control settings. The ABS is switched to Level One in Sport (maximum braking performance allowing some rear-wheel lift) and Level Two in Touring and Urban (maximum braking stability and prevention of rear-wheel lift). The traction control, with eight levels, can be customized via a menu to suit individual tastes and then be locked into memory.

7Hypermotards SP features a new tubular-steel trellis frame, and a subframe constructed with a combination of die-cast aluminum and a techno-polymer between the rails. The SP has a 50mm Marzocchi fork and an Öhlins shock, offering 7.3 inches of front travel and 6.9 in back, as well as lightweight forged Marchesini wheels and the SP has a radial-pump master cylinder. Other SP upgrades include a tapered aluminum handlebar (in place of steel), magnesium cam covers and carbon-fiber front fender and cam-belt covers.9

With the SP the suspension setups, the seat heights vary by almost an inch from the standard Hypermotard. The seat on the SP is at 35.0. Ohlins suspension also alters the wheelbase, the SP at 59.2 in  from the standard Hypermotard at 59.0 Rake (25.5 degrees) and trail (4.1 in.) are identical due to different offset at the triple-clamps.

Another improvement is the use of a new, cable-operated APTC slipper clutch. Effort at the lever is very light, while the slipper function provides great stability under extreme deceleration when making multiple downshifts in quick succession.

14This used Hypermotord SP comes in red/white/black for RM89,000 @ Welly World Sungai Buloh. Choosing this SP is isn’t really that difficult. For the rider who commutes during the week and hits the curves on the weekend, is the smart choice of owning a Ducati even aggressive street riding and/or track time is planned, the SP provides a lot of bang for the buck, with a killer chassis and a few components that make lapping more enjoyable.8

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