Kawasaki Z300 review

Big bore is not boring and it’s fun!

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This is how I probably looked on my commute to work on the Z300!
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As WSBK might be introducing a 300cc class in the program next year, few manufacturer are increasing the 250cc engine to 300cc. But probably not why there is a newer cc classification, the conclusion we reach is the extra power in the smaller machine 250cc capacity that hungers for more power so Kawasaki Malaysia brought in the new Z300. This model takes me back to the days i used to own a Ninja 250R when I got hooked by the new styling of theNinja when it was launched in Malaysia back in 2013. Actually test riding this naked version of the Ninja brings back great memories, and I remember that I had at least as much fun riding then as I do now. There is no direct relationship between speed and enjoyment. It’s not power that makes an engine but its character. DSC_0245 (2) (Medium)

The Z300’s has character. It’s the same 296cc parallel-twin as used by the Ninja 300 – the Z300 is a naked version of the Ninja given straight bars and new styling.

At a claimed 39hp, it makes a good bit more power, than the smaller 250cc sibling and comes with ABS. It’s lively straight from Kawasaki Malaysia. At 4,000rpm it gets livelier. It really perks up at 5,000 and then zips in a quick burst to that high-altitude red line. By the time the needle touches 13,000rpm on the rev counter dial, the digital display to the right of it shows about 165k/h in 5 gear. But i can remember that there should be a rev or speed cut in the 250cc at 170km/h but i didnt go beyond 165km/h on this test bike, but getting to 160km/h was easy as 1,2,3. Most of the action is at the top end. Peak power is at 11,000rpm, but also everywhere there is extra something. Just opening the throttle produces accelerate. Not so much that your licence will be in jeopardy but enough to keep you awake. The smooth Kawasaki build engine in the 4th generation with the cc upgrade make it sounds good, working hard and enjoying it. The throttle response is smooth. It doesn’t feel stressed as revs climb. It likes it. The engine shows its flexibility. It’s unflustered. There’s a slight vibration through the handle bars but it’s not a big deal for a twin cylinder.

DSC_0280 (2) (Medium)Handing with the IRC Road Winner tyres are not bad for town communing but serious riding needs at least a Pirelli Rosso II. We took it to a local Kart Track just to get some photos, not bad if you going to grab some kneedown shots, but at higher speed would need a change from the standard set. Overall the Zexy! Z300 gets a 8.0/10 overall in looks, power and handling in our books.

RM25,989.00 for the Z300 with ABS and slipper clutch, not a bad package or add a thousand Ringgit a you get the Ninja 300 ABS. DSC_0281 (2) (Medium)