Its always fun to ride with friends during the weekend, many riders will probably ride to Gotong Jaya, Frasers Hills or Kuala Kelawang as these routes have many twisty corners and nice scenery. Normally biker groups usually have experience riders and some newbies, usually the more experience riders will ride a little faster than newbies, and that’s normal ain’t it?

Going faster has a few elements of skills involve, like when to open the throttle, when to hold the throttle, when to turn the bike, when to brake, but most important skills is LOOK AHEAD, by looking 6 seconds ahead. There is a saying “Look at where you want to go” and you will go there, as for me i will look as far as i can see the roads while scanning the surrounding area along my route. By looking 6 seconds ahead while travelling 100km/h along a straight road and approaching a sharp corner , you will be able to more time to negotiate the coming corner or on coming vehicle out from that corner. Even over taking slower vehicle you must look up as far as possible but never target fixate, always keep your eyes moving and looking over the horizon as far as possible.


Im just sharing a ride experience when I joined a group of bikers for breakfast ride up to Gotong Jaya. I normally I will set out on Sunday to Petron Jalan Kuching, and join groups which are riding to my plan destination. I didnt ride much past 2 months to Gotong Jaya via Ulu Yam, as I was busy with other projects, but i just had the craving to scrape some knee sliders last Sunday. So I set out alone, but when I reached Petron, I met up a few fellow bikers so I decided to join them.

Even for me, routes that I been over 100x, I still wont be able to remember every single corners and the road conditions of that route. So I rely on looking 6 second ahead or more when possible and scanning the roads for holes, sand, rocks and oil patch, especially at these favorite routes. By doing this, there will be no panic if any hazards or incidents ahead of you and you will know the hazard is heading towards you and you will have time to response to the situation.
When I started riding 20++ years back, I also have my fair share of target fixating when i don’t practise the “6 second” rule, example when you see a hole in your path, most likely you will not be able to avoid it.. You will actually head toward it as our brain will tell us unconsciously, to go where your eyes are looking at. There are more riding skills that needs to improve especially newbie riders as modern bikes are much more powerful and most handles better, hence the riding skills need to constantly improve and practise.
Coming back to the Sunday ride, after breakfast at the Bus Station at Gotong Jaya, (my 1st time there, usual place is Kopitiam) we set out for Bentong old road to Bukit Tinggi, so while heading down Genting, I will ride my normal speed while looking at the the cars, busses, sand, oil patches and holes. The group has about 10 bikers, so me and 3 other bikers arrived at the last police check point and waited for the rest, but after 5 min or so, none of the rest came. Then a message to fellow biker that one of the member had low sided, where he said there was a patch of oil slick on the road, and 2 other bikes also low sided, what i gathered was when the 1st bike fell, the second bike target fixate on the 1st bike but managed to avoid the 1st bike but then he stop on the side of the road but then incident still lingering in his mind and he just didn’t put his side stand properly and the bike fell on its side, while the 3rd bike also didn’t see oil patch also low sided. Just my advise to all riders most important is keep looking forward, and also throttle control even at low speed may help to avoid these incidents from happening. I wish everyone have a safe ride everyday.
Next Riding Tips topic, I will cover Throttle Control and riding lines on the road and on track.

These incidents can be avoided!


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