Apart from offering specs on the Honda Cbr150r which is equipped with a 6-speed DOHC engine, Assist & Slipper Clutch, Dual-Channel ABS, Showa SFF-BP USD Fork, the Honda Cbr150r is also a top choice because;

  1. Cheap service & maintenance costs. Just like a “kapcai” motorcycle because its only 150cc.
  2. Roadtax is only RM2. As we know, motorcycles below 150 cc in Malaysia are only RM2. In contrast to the R15 155cc which is already over additional 5cc only, making the R15 roadtax priced higher.
  3. It is very suitable those new riders who are new to the sportbike and a stepping stone before going to the bigger cc.
  4. Most importantly is the design is handsome! The design has the DNA from its 250cc sibling CBR250RR. Currently, the king of 250cc 2-cylinders is the CBR250RR, full with all the racy features, but the CBR150 is much lower cost to own! The cost of maintenance is also lower and cheaper priced and most very suitable for those who can not afford to own a CBR250RR. Style is the most relevent choice for those who want to own a CBR150R. 

The latest sportbike model from Honda CBR150R 2021 is officially launched to the Malaysian markets today. 

Now with the launch of the Honda CBR150R 2021 which looks sportier, more modern and more sophisticated.

The Honda CBR150R 2021 will compete with models such as the Yamaha YZF-R15 and GPX Demon GR200R. With a sporty design, equipped with a USD front fork, fully digital meter panel, LED lighting system, 150cc DOHC engine and 6-speed transmission with assisted slipper clutch, I’m sure CBR150R will be well received. 

Performance and handling best emphasises the power of a true sports motorcycle, and the CBR150R matches its performance with advanced features and a big bike design aura that creates an aggressive impression at the first glance.

 Powerful 150cc DOHC, 6-speed engine with CBR “Total Control” DNA.
2-channel ABS and Assist/Slipper Clutch for a controlled, comfortable riding experience.
Upside-down Front Suspension, Full LED lighting, Dual LED Headlights and Full digital Speedometer for style with substance.
Built with the CBR series concept of “Total Control”, the CBR150R offers an aggressive, up-to-date, lightweight motorcycle with complete control that matches the rider’s desire.

 Perhaps, the most attractive feature of the 2021 CBR150R is the twin-headlamp setup which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the motorcycle. The twin-double headlamps are two LED DRLs improve the bike’s front look.

Other features include a side-mounted upswept exhaust, split seats for sportier visuals, chiselled fuel tank and front fairing with sharp lines, golden USD front forks and digital instrument cluster.

The prices of the all new Honda CBR150R is priced at RM12,499.  

Its high performance is the result of a 150cc liquid-cooled DOHC engine, capable of exerting a peak power of 12.0 kW @9,000rpm and a peak torque of 13.7Nm @7,000 rpm. Combined with a 6-speed transmission, the CBR150R gives the best-in-class performance.

The CBR150R is equipped with 2-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which allows the rider comfort and braking confidence. Additionally the Assist/Slipper Clutch feature increases the fun ride sensation by preventing rear tire slippage caused by the engine brake during extreme downshifts and the rider is able to experience a smoother clutch operation.

The design maintains an aggressive body silhouette evoking the feeling of a big bike. This feeling is further strengthened with a Full LED lighting system and its aggressive dual LED headlights that adopt the DNA of CBR250RR. The upside-down front suspension along with a forward-leaning ‘racy’ riding position and full fairing highlight its racing character. In addition, the suspension makes handling agile and gives riding stability especially when riding at higher speeds.

Also equipped are other features like a wavy disc brake emphasizing the sporty appearance, a fully Digital Speedometer giving a plethora of information to rider and an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system, which automatically activate hazard lights when the brakes are operated to alert surroundings and avoid possible accidents.

The All New Honda CBR150R is available in 2 colour options namely Mat Charcoal Gray Metallic and Candy Scintillate Red. 

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