The new Yamaha Y15ZR was launched into the local market last Saturday by Hong Leong Yamaha Motor (HLYM) at Berjaya Times Square.

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Hong Leong Yamaha Motor also ran a 3 days Yamaha Motorshow to show case its racing legacy in Malaysia, and preview the 2015 R1-M, V-Max, Bolt, Super Tenere and the there wheeled Tri-City.

DSC_0419 (Medium)Also displayed at the Yamaha Motorshow was the current locally available big bike models MT-07, MT-09, R25 and XJ6F. In the Motorshow there was also Yamaha Lifestyle fashionshow everyday during the event days, show casing the products which would be available in on the Yamaha Lifestyle fashionshow.

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DSC_0492 (Medium)DSC_0411 (Medium)Between the years, Yamaha has introduced to local market, mopeds that is revolutionary at those days, like Yamaha 100 Sports, SS110, Legenda and LC135 are some of the models that has been introduced – to keep up with the demand, hence alluring more potential buyers.

Yamaha has a commanding 37% market share the Malaysian two wheel industry.

The new Yamaha Y15ZR sets itself apart from its so called predecessor, the LC135.

New chassis, new programmable digital meter, large 3.5 inch wide cast wheels with 120/70/17 size rear tyre, fresh new bodywork design, rear LED brake light and LED front position light, new improved 5 speed manual clutch based on a FZ150i engine placed on a 115kg street super DSC_0384 (Medium)moped, larger front disc, new sport exhaust.  DSC_0415 (Medium)

The double meter layout, the new Y15ZR comes with a single rev meter with a digital speedo. Yamaha is also offering the bike in three attractive colours – black, red, and white – combined with appealing graphic design that makes it look a whole lot more youthful. We await the the GP Version if its available before MotoGP Sepang.

The Y15ZR rides on new cast wheels with a wider rear tyre (120/70 R17). We notice the comfortable riding position right away as we sat on it during the Media & Dealer launch prior to Hong Leong Yamaha 1st Public model launch.DSC_0405 (Medium)DSC_0422 (Medium)

The handlebar from side view and position is like what you get on a naked sportbike while the foot pegs are positioned just right to offer comfort and complete control of the bike at the same time.

Comfortable saddle to the equation and you’ll have one of the most comfortable and posture-friendly moped available in the market.

Y15ZR retains the FZ150i’s liquid-cooled 149 cc four-stroke engine with the same bore and stroke of 57 x 58.7 mm. So you can imagine the power the Y15ZR will deliver in a street super moped.

DSC_0418 (Medium)Despite that, the new model is blessed with 15hp at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm, which is DSC_0406 (Medium)slightly higher than its competitor makes.

The 15hp might not shout much, but the Y15ZR super moped will proves it can take the city streets with better acceleration and steady power delivery across the power band, making the Y15ZR a versatile moped for both city and highway riding. The Y15ZR comes with a 4.2 litre tank.

Handling-wise, you’d get what you’d expect from Yamaha. The R1 inspired design with slim profile and steady frame help in making the Y150ZR, a nimble street moped that is ready for corners after corners. The wide 120/70/17 rear tyre helps as well. DSC_0426 (Medium)The larger 245mm front brake will give Y15ZR a DSC_0401 (Medium)good front stoppage power and a rear disc. All in for RM7999.82 including GST, you can’t ask more from this bike. The new Yamaha Y15ZR certainly looks fresh enough for a Y125Z replacement, which is still in production as Hong Leong Yamaha comply to the local regulation, it’s in a class of its own without any competitor beside Suzuki, looks to take the Hong Leong Yamaha, the market leader in mopeds a step further in the smaller motorcycle segment which is 85% of the two wheel market in Malaysia.

The all-new Yamaha Y15ZR is set to hit our roads and will be available at all authorized Yamaha dealers nationwide from end August 2015.

The price for Yamaha 15ZR  (effective 11 August 2015) RM   7,999.82 including GST.