This image commemorates Marc’s amazing first appearance at Laguna Seca, 2013, and features Marc at top speed through Turn 1, both wheels in the air, about to land in the record books. The above image is a photo of a signed print.


To see the image larger, but without Marc’s signature, please click on the image above.

This was one of the most challenging images I’ve ever attempted. Once again, I got lucky to end up with a successful shot. When I presented it to Marc for his signature, he gasped, “Whoa!” Then he asked if he could have a copy. I asked him while he signed away if he could tell that both wheels were leaving the ground, and he said yes, sometimes it happened in a way that he could feel. But I got the impression that feeling it at the time was somehow different from seeing it captured in a split second in this photograph.

When I first saw this image on my computer, I knew I wanted to get Marc to sign it. I don’t know if anyone else has captured this at Laguna, but I’ve never seen anything like it with a MotoGP bike. But when I started hearing about the records Marc had set that weekend, this seemed the perfect, unique image to commemorate his accomplishments: First MotoGP rookie to win at Laguna Seca. First MotoPG rookie to earn eight podiums in first nine races of a season. Youngest rider to win back to back races. And while I can’t say for certain, I believe that Marc is also the first rider to have been captured with both wheels in the air through this turn at Laguna Seca!

Now that Laguna Seca is no longer on the MotoGP calendar, the uniqueness of this image has just increased!

This is a 24×16″ lustre print, mounted on Styrene. Each of the 50 copies in this limited edition was signed by Marc Marquez and Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 15, 2013 and is individually numbered.

Each copy comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that features this image of Marc, having completed sighing the edition:


Credits to Scott Jones Photo.GP

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