The weather was perfect for the Kawasaki Z900 and VersysX Media Test at Templer Golf and Country Club. We were so excited to get our first impression on these two models.

Our first session bike was the VersysX. The VersysX is a 250cc, a light, nimble and versatile quarter litre dual purpose bike. In our 140km route, there was 8km off-road to try out at a palm oil estate at Rawang. Considering ourselves an amateur in enduro-ing or off road riding, the “X” we call the VersysX, seems easy to handle the patches of mud holes, sandy & rocky uneven path and even some big rocks on the estate path, the X took it like it was “Kacang Putih”! (Easy) Because of the light weight and smooth power the X gets the rider out the mud patch and easy to handle. Getting less wheelspins is good at getting a smoothness control out of the mud!

The “X” combines big bike adventure styling in a small compact touring model that can be ridden on the any road n anywhere! The X capability can be use especially on unpaved roads.

At 250cc, the Versys-X 250 is the smallest-displacement model in the touring category, designed to be the ideal adventure partner for new riders till the seasoned one, it offers the best comfort and convenience of any 250cc model. The motorcycle is more manageable in both weight and power, and more readily available access to motorcycle adventure. The X gives the rider a high level of riding excitement and rider confidence in wide riding situations. Only in Malaysian model the Versys-X is fitted with centre stand as standard package.

Powerful Parallel Twin Engine

Efficiently-tuned 249cm3 Parallel Twin engine produces smooth, torquey power at low and medium rpm and powerful acceleration at high rpm. Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve Parallel delivers smooth, responsive power at low and medium rpm and hard hitting power at high rpm. Smooth power delivery and strong low-end torque facilitate slow-  speed manoeuvres, offering both a high level of control when making minute throttle  adjustment and gratifying rush of acceleration in the lower rpm range, while low  vibrations care of a balancer, and ample top end offer comfortable highway cruising.

Rugged Backbone Frame

The all-new highly rigid backbone frame was designed to handle external shocks, contributing to the Versys-X’s unpaved-road capability. The sturdy frame is also able to support a passenger and luggage, making the Versys-X a very capable touring partner.

Long-Travel Suspension

Using 41mm diameter long-travel suspension enables the Versys-X to deliver riding excitement across a wide range of riding situations. Road imperfections such as bumps and potholes are far from rare and many streets are not even paved. The long- travel suspension is designed to easily soak up road imperfections, even when travelling on unpaved roads. Excellent feedback from the front end contributes to rider  confidence and a high level of riding excitement, while the linked rear suspension  offers both riding stability and ride comfort.

19”/17” Spoke Wheels with Multi-Purpose Tyres

The wheel base has its 19” front and 17” rear spoke wheels give it a greater capability on unpaved roads in comparison to its larger, street-focused brothers. Multi-purpose tubed tyres also contribute to capability on unpaved roads while tyre tread pattern adds to the Versys-X 250 adventurous style image.

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