MOTACK – Malaysian Time Attack Round 1

12Motack Round 1 was held at Citta Mall, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, which drew contestants from various countries, namely Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. I gotta say Motack is a form of Gymkhana, which was my 1st time experience passing cones and trying to remember the route of the course, and in the mean while doing the best timing to get a shot at the Final.

Motack for starters is choosing the right bike, as well as consistency on the throttle control.

3This round there was 7 different category contested.4

1. Below 15cc

2. Below 250cc

3. Below 700cc

4. Below 1000cc

55. Below 1400cc

6. Desmodonna Cup8

7. Ducati Club challenge.


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Hunter from Japan, showing even with a small fall, bike choice is very important, as its not about the power, but its all about throttle control


About 50 riders participate in the opening round with a variety of motorcycles from 135cc to 1,600cc including scooters, vespa & kapchais and much larger machines like the Harley Davidsons and Honda Goldwings.

Many bike accessories and bikes was displayed during Motack 2015 Round 1 including Ducati, KTM, Kawasaki, Shoei, Kushitani and many more.

43MOTACK also appeals to a wide range of participants, from students to chief executive officers of companies, both young and senior riders.51

The sport emphasizes the importance of motorcycle riding skills, which is expected to contribute to reducing road accidents and fatalities involving motorcyclists.

Dong Tran from Vietnam , showing his gymkhana skills.



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3938on the throttle counts, getting the right tyre pressure for the course is utterly important. From my perspective as I’m a track rider, when i took my 2013 Ninja 250, I was clocking the time of 56 sec flat. with lower tyre pressure, and less low end throttle.4142


Motorcycle gymkhana is a motorcycle time trial sport in which riders compete to maneuver in the shortest time through a paved course restricted by traffic cones and other obstacles. Motorcycle gymkhana is especially popular in Japan.

After walking the course to 40familiarize themselves with the obstacles, participants ride through individually in a predetermined order. Each rider runs the course once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and his fastest time determines his placing. 16

Actually how powerful or torque the bike is not the essential part of the gymkhana. It is the constancy of how an individual maneuver, passing the cones and finish the course with out any penalty or time added on. Penalty time added ranging from 3 second to missing a cone 10 second.

Motack is organized by Hit Communication with association with Moto Gymkhana and with the support of the National Road Safety Department (JKJR).  There will be 5 rounds this year.

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