MotoGP returns to Malaysia for the penultimate round with 2 more champions yet to be decided. As the fever of MotoGP starts the build up to Raceday Sunday Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix. Dainese Malaysia starts the the wheel turning by hosting a I Challenge Pol Espargaro, miniGP challenge at the Elite Speedway KartX Track today.

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Pol Espargaro of the Yamaha Monster Tech 3 MotoGP Team shows to the Dainese customers that why he is the the world elite racer, give him a miniGP on a track he has never ridden before and still set the fastest lap. We had a five lap race with Pol Espargaro which we ended up 3rd in the fun race after getting 2nd in  the the qualifying session.

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Funny incident during Pol Espargaro’s ride on the Yamaha R25 was a snake came out of the grass and crossed the tarmac, which gave Pol a shock! But alls well that ends well both Pol and the snake was not hurt.

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DSC_0609 (Medium)Pol Espargaro wears a Dainese D-Air Racing Suit.

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DSC_0522 (Medium) The snake incident, maybe the reptile is a great fan of Pol or was just to attracted to the striking Dainese D-Air Racing Suit

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Dainese is distributed by JR Apparels in Malaysia and is located at Gleanmarie Shah Alam.