According to data from Malaysian authorities, there’s a concerning trend: a motorcyclist loses their life every two hours.

The statistics further reveal that 2023 marked the most perilous year, witnessing 6,443 fatalities from road accidents, the highest in a five-year period.

Digging deeper into the numbers, it’s alarming to note an average of 18 deaths daily, translating to one fatality every 80 minutes.

Motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable demographic, comprising two-thirds of the casualties, with a total of 4,480 riders and passengers succumbing to accidents in 2023.

This sobering revelation was disclosed by the Malaysian Minister of Transport, Dato’ Anthony Loke, during a recent press conference at Parliament.

In a bid to address this issue, Loke announced that the Road Transport Department and the Royal Malaysian Police would provide real-time updates on accident figures and related fatalities on a daily basis.

He expressed hope that this initiative would raise public consciousness regarding road safety, given that road accidents constitute a significant contributor to the nation’s mortality rate, akin to the daily reporting of Covid-19 cases.

This approach diverges from the conventional annual statistical reports on road accidents and fatalities.

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