Malaysia’s pioneering Technology Transfer Apprenticeship Program (TTAP) has successfully concluded its inaugural year, with the 4 TTAP Engineers gaining invaluable experience with the leading JOTA team. Throughout 2021, the TTAP engineers have not only fought for the FIA World Endurance Championship Team’s and Driver’s with the JOTA team, but have also spent time with automotive and motorsport industry leaders McLaren and Xtrac Transmission UK to further push the boundaries of their engineering capabilities.

To further extend this TTAP program into 2022 Persona Energy Sdn. Bhd. (Persona) and Yayasan  Peneraju  Pendidikan  Bumiputera (Yayasan  Peneraju) have penned down a Develop Technology Transfer Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to capital development programme Apprenticeship Programme (TTAP), a human designed to enhance automotive skills and knowledge of local talents through apprenticeships in the global motorsport scene.


The MoU exchange, held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) was attended by Jazeman Jaafar, Malaysian International Racing Driver and Executive Director of Persona and Kol. Bersekutu (PA) Ts. Dr. Mohd Muzzammil Ismail, CEO of Yayasan Peneraju.

TTAP throws apprentices straight into the action by providing direct exposure through attachments to experienced race engineers, in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with a leading motorsport team called JOTA.

“Motorsport  is  a  highly-demanding  field,  especially  in  terms  of  technology application, vehicle engineering and business management, which are critical elements in the formation of a highly-skilled and capable local talent pool. The TTAP programme is designed with an emphasis on practical and experiential learning to accelerate the development of skills, knowledge and experience of participants”, said Ts. Dr. Mohd Muzzammil.

He also said that TTAP includes management aspects of motorsports – including media relations, branding strategies, and people management.

This allows for the involvement of participants in real-world scenarios of the motorsport industry. It forms a firm foundation for graduating apprentices to jumpstart their career in the areas of technology, engineering, safety, as well as the structural organisation of various motorsport disciplines.

Simultaneously, it helps build a local talent pool capable of handling global racing teams from the ground-up – at the same time, contributing to the growth of the local automotive and mobility industry.

This entire learning process provides Bumiputera talent the exposure of working and training at the international level.

“Motorsports is a demanding industry that requires total commitment from its engineers. With the collaboration of Persona and Yayasan Peneraju, this programme will hone the potential skills and expertise of participants in motorsports and high- performance engineering through a combination of teaching and motorsports attachment. From this programme, our intent is to ensure our engineers are ready to further their careers locally and internationally.  With the high technology development in motorsports, this will enable us to capitalise on the technology transfer which will enhance developments for the local automotive and motorsport industry.”, said Jazeman, who is also a Mentor of the TTAP.

One hundred (100) of Malaysia’s best Bumiputera talents will be selected and be given the opportunity to enhance their skills with the inclusion of women engineers as part of our aim to grow women engineers locally and internationally.

6 Rounds starting at Circuit Paul Ricard
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