When a biker gets his new motorcycle, it will be their pride and joy. I’m fan of personalization  so i love to change accessories and stick stickers on my bike to to make it uniquely “my bike” and not just “a bike”.

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Regardless of how awesome your bike is, there will always be thousands of identical production models out there.

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Making your bike stand out from the generic mass produced group is not a very affordable task. We know this very well.

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Personalization does not need to cost an arm and a leg and motorcycle accessories don’t come cheap and may involve making permanent changes to your ride. Now it is possible to give your bike that personalized custom look any where in the world!

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The easiest way is stickers. Motorcycle stickers are the ultimate motorcycle accessory in a glance others can see the personalization which is designed to match your personality.

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We decided to give our “Project Bike” the name “Hoonigan” as we felt the Yamaha MT-09 is a “hooligan” of all mass production bikes produced by Yamaha.

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What better way to do its naming is to stick “Hoonigan” on the MT-09. We contacted Stickman Vinyls Joachim, and discuss how we want the design of “Hoonigan” to as aggressive as it’s name.

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So we started out phase one with the rims. We picked the “florescent yellow” scheme which matches our own rider’s personality and favorite colour and the dull black rims of the MT-09 suddenly was brought to life! by just inner Rim Stickers and Outer Rim Tape to cover the original painted while lines on the rim with the outer rim stickers die cut with “Hoonigan” and MT-09.

At Stickman Vinyls you can personalise anything and everything, include your favorite quote, your company name or a cartoon character that is close to your heart to be placed upon your bike. Just give them the design and they will execute, with the appropriate finish, be it matte, gloss or even reflective sticker.

Stickman Vinyls uses only high quality material from 3M and Oracal. They can produce anything you can design on a sticker, that is truly a reflection of your own unique personality.

Below are the process Stage One of “Project Hoonigan”

DSC_0552 (Small) DSC_0555 (Small)


DSC_0556 (Small) DSC_0559 (Small)


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Stage Two will be the Body Design……. we will keep it a secret till MotoGP Sepang …….. so keep visiting on Stage Two of Project Hoonigan.

Talk to them to find out more.



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