As I’m a typical rider and I’ve got a super torquey Yamaha MT-09 (which I call her Hoonigan) that is capable of going faster and faster and I still want to make it faster in the corners and enjoying it. That’s just me!.

Only after 2 weeks out of the dealership, I had made my mind to get rid of the soft stock suspension, as the stock suspension just don’t click with my riding style on the MT-09. So before any modification on the performance, I opt to be K-Tech-ed.

Why K-Tech? Not Ohlins or Hyperpro, Nitron. Well few click on the Internet and did some research I found out that K-Tech has been onboard many Isle of Man race winners.

Fresh from the Isle of Man TT, where K-Tech equipped bikes took the fastest lap in every race, K-Tech are suspension specialists, working with everything two wheels, from motocross to BSB, TT and road riding to AMA. If it’s got springs in it, chances are K-Tech have made it bounce better.

Everything worked well for 4 years, then last year I found some leaking from the rear Razor R shocks valve. Ordered the rear valve from Kratos Motorsports and so I went to the K-Tech authorized dealer Chia Motor PJ to service it. The Razor R is back! Imagine the sensitivity on my butt I could feel the moment I squash a bug on my rear suspension. No more bouncy feeling or sagging. It just feels perfect. At that time the front forks were still working well even with lotsa wheelies.

But recently the front forks started to feel funny, the feeling when entering any corners slow or fast the handle bar would have a slight wobble at mid corner. So I decided to go check with Kratos Motorsports during the Big Bike Warehouse Sale. We found out that my front fork seals were harden plus it was time to service and change the fork oils.

So send Hoonigan to service my front suspension at Chia Motor PJ. After the service completed, the K-Tech suspension was so sensitive that even I could feel the front tyres were uneven and the tyre pressure was too hard. I rode it around a bit, and Keith gave it a little tweek, plus reducing the tyre pressure from front 34psi to 30psi, rear from 36 psi to 32psi and the handling was almost perfect. The front suspension is already telling me that the front Diablo Supercorsa is already sharp and uneven on the side of the tyre. Feedback like this is why I prefer K-Tech for road use.   


I know that suspension makes a good ride or a great ride, and enough to know what’s going on the tarmac and grip level of the tyre. Oh yes and if that an Ohlins, my pocket will probably have to pay double to service it. If you’re thinking to invest in performance or comfortable ride on you bike especially Yamaha MT-09 think first about the suspension. Looking to pimp your handling on your ride, just take your ride to Chia Motor PJ to check your suspension and get some advice. 

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