Customization is one of the unique ways riders celebrate their individuality. At i-Moto – we give you the ideas to have the accessories you want for the bike that you ride including the motorcycle gear to keep you safe while doing it. We reviews a wide range of motorcycle gears and project bikes, with a host of accessories and brands to make sure you ride in style, and motorcycle parts to keep your well-oiled machine running smooth. Whether you want parts for your vintage bike, or you’re looking to get the freshest gear from your favourite brand, we’re the first and last stop for parts and apparel. Customize your ride, from its original factory condition, make it an unique to your individual taste and keep yourself protected from head to toe with parts and gear.

DSC_0006_ (Medium)Our PowerUp & GearUp section goal is simple: To supply our readers with customization idea and safe and quality gears and where to buy or order the accessories you need. i-Moto is…….. it’s that simple! Everything about two wheels.

DSC_0005_ (Medium)Our Project Yamaha MT-09 started with collaboration with Rizoma Italy.

Few weeks later we fitted full system exhaust from Ixil Spain IXRACE Z7 with increase the horsepower to 122hp from stock 115hp.

We also fitted the Ichikawa Radiator grill for protection


  DSC_0012 (Medium)

DSC_0009 (Medium) DSC_0008 (Medium)

DSC_0013 (Medium) DSC_0014 (Medium)

DSC_0023 (Medium) DSC_0018 (Medium)

DSC_0029 (Medium) DSC_0030 (Medium)

DSC_0032 (Medium) DSC_0033 (Medium)

Few weeks later Rizoma Italy send us the handlebar and a few more accessories.

After riding the stock tyre for 7500km, we changed the tyres to Pirelli Supercorsa V2, we love the grippy compound, hence we could ride the MT-09 in A mode the whole day. J (A Mode = Aggressive Mode)

But the grippy Pirelli tires were just not enough as the standard suspension was just too soft, so we went to replace the original suspension fluid to a harder fluid. Riding in corners felt much better but now it’s a bit hard, we still kept the front standard with harder compression and rebound settings.

We took the Project bike to Johor Circuit and found the suspension set up was not satisfactory as the circuit was bumpy at the high speed area, which cause us to easy off the throttle as we approach T5. But still completed 30 laps plus 5 more in a Mock-Up race with 40 other superbikes.

Now we fitted the K-Tech Razor-R suspension from UK.

We are riders our self and so we will get the best product & gears to review and test for every bikers benefit.

DSC_0009 (Medium) DSC_0008 (Medium)

DSC_0006 (Medium) DSC_0001 (Medium)

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