We tested the fully synthetic high-performance motor oil from Liqui Moly on our long termer MT-09 at 1100km first oil change. Original was 10W/40 grade, we try to ensures maximum performance and protection of the engine under all operating conditions when we got our MT-09. So we choose 10W-50 grade instead.

10w-50 is a heavier weight oil once it gets warm. The first # is the weight of the oil when it’s cold. The second # is the weight of the oil once it gets hot or to operating temp.

When morning starts, we have gear one shifting to neutral instead of two, probably we didnt give the MT-09 a good 3-5 min warm up, but it never happens again once the MT-09 is up and running.

We ran the test for 3000km to various conditions and gear shift was smooth and at 3500 rpm we could shift up without using clutch all the way to 6th gear.

Short runs at full throttle to our weekend run, was smooth with out any gear miss. Normally we will do around 250-300 km any given Sunday.

We going to run the test to 5000km before we change the oli for our next test.

Select the optimum lubrication, to get outstanding engine performance and cleanliness, most important is reduce the friction and minimum wear are just as important, these steps are usually taken for granted as gentle clutch engagement and disengagement and gear shifting. That makes a big difference gear shifting enjoyment! Tested on engines with standard exhaust with catalytic converters.

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