Aimed at the growing sport-touring segment, the radial Roadiac WF-1 is the product of years intensive development work and utilises a principle that Nankang refers to as ‘JLSB’ (Jointless Space Belt) in connection with ‘Single Steel Winding’ technology. The Nankang Roadiac WF-1 also uses the most modern two-component mixing Dual Compound technology. Through the use of a soft rubber mixture for the shoulders of the tyre, and a harder mixture in the middle, the new tyre targets the specific needs of sport-touring motorcyclists.


image_2 (Medium)JLSB (Jointless Space Belt) is put in use on Roadiac WF-1. Nankang is the tyre manufacturer who takes “Single Steel Winding” technology into application on MCR. Comparing aramid or other fibers, steel belt could provide stronger stability, handling, stiffness and temperature control. Roadiac is also less possible to be pierced and safer.

“JLSB – Jointless Space Belt” in conjunction with the Nankang “Single Steel Winding System” is what Nankang calls the principle of the zero-degree steel belted carcass, which stands for the greatest stability in radial tyres for motorcycles. Stability and greater stiffness of the carcass compared with the conventional use, for example of aramid belts, in carcass construction ensure the greatest possible stability in every driving situation, perfect feedback to the driver, confident handling, and optimal operating temperature of the tyres. The profile design optimizes drainage for use in wet and rainy weather conditions. Front and rear tyre profile are perfectly coordinated with each other to give the driver optimal safety when driving in the rain. The well conceived profile design is superior in aquaplaning conditions as well.

Easy handling, high mileage, perfect grip on wet surfaces, and in particular, safe behavior in various weather conditions are the requirements for motorcycle tyres in the sport-touring class. The rubber mixtures used for the Nankang Roadiac fulfill the expectations of demanding, safety-conscious bikers.

The pattern of the front tire enhances cornering stability and handling. The central groove is for better draining and reducing the possibility of hydroplaning whilst the V-shaped lug will guide the water to the center and decrease the water splash.

The main task of the rear tire is stability, comfort and endurance. The center rib will efficiently improve not only the comfort but also give more stability. Moreover, the wider TDW will effectively lengthen tire duration whilst the 2 wing pattern increases the performance of cornering and water drainage.

Front Tire: To give maximum confidence whilst riding, the WF-1 utilises a dual compound structure, with the shoulders of the tyre made with a soft compound to promote better cornering grip whilst the centre of the tyre uses a harder compound to enhance endurance while riding vertical.#

Rear Tire: The rear tyre also follows the same principal as the front utilizing a dual compound structure. With the centre 20% of the tread using a harder compound to promote longevity, whilst the shoulders of the tyre use a softer compound to offer better cornering stability and grip.

Concept of structure:
JLSB (Jointless Space Belt) is put in use along with “Single Steel Winding” technology on Roadiac WF-1. Compared to or other fibers, a steel belt could provide stronger stability, handling, stiffness, and temperature control, this also means that the WF-1 is better protected against punctures.

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