4T LUBRICANT is like the blood in 4-stroke motorcycle engine, when you your bike the right lubricant, it will perform and less worry about maintenance later, as the mileage chalks up. We recommend a 4T oil change every 5,000 km mileage, when using fully synthetic, and 3,000 km mileage for semi synthetic.SDC18097 (Medium)

SDC18101 (Medium) SDC18103 (Medium)We test the PJ1 10W/40 FULLY SYNTHETIC RACING OIL S932 on our staff bike (a 2 cylinder 2013 Ninja 250) and after riding it around the for 1,000 km, the engine still feels smooth changing in to gears even when already rode the bike for 150km. Power was maintained after riding   for more than 1 hour over twisty corners PJ1 4T Oils are designed to properly lubricate engine, transmission, and clutch parts.

SDC18110 (Medium) SDC18105 (Medium)


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