Shell launched the new Shell Advance AX 5 4T 15W40 Scooter Oil. Specially designed for four-stroke scooter engines, the AX 5 is made to protect scooter engines operating in high-stress, stop-start city commuting environments. It promises reliable oil performance, better control via smoother gear changes and a low vibration, quieter ride.


“The key is a special antioxidant additive that helps remove deposits and maintain viscosity and, thus, keep the oil in peak condition for longer. As a result, you can enjoy every ride with confidence as your scooter is always in tip-top condition and responds to the slightest touch,” said Troy Chapman, Southeast Asia cluster GM at Shell Lubricants.


The Shell Advance AX 5 4T 15W40 Scooter Oil completes the Shell Advance range of motorcycle engine oils available in Malaysia. A standard 800ml pack retails for RM21.50 in Peninsula Malaysia and RM22.00 in Sabah/Sarawak.


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