Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Back Side EU) (Medium)Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Back Side US) (Medium)Yamaha® MT-09 Tracer: versatility, performance and comfort.
Rizoma could not help spotting these features and has come up with a complete accessory line for the MT-09’s sister, as well.
The passenger pegs KIT, lower and adjustable in combination with the rider pegs, ensures to both the best riding pleasure and comfort during long trips.
The “FOX” license plate support, combined with the Rizoma marker lights, makes the rear end of this thrilling Tourer slimmer and lighter.
ACCESSORY LINE for Yamaha® MT-09 Tracer
The “B-PRO” engine and radiator guards, together with the wheel axle slider, provide both security and a special refined appeal.
Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Front Side) (Medium)Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Left Side) (Medium)The adjustable “Feel” levers or their sportier “RRC” version, allow you to control the brake and clutch with precision and reliability.

Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Rider Side) (Medium)
The specific Yamaha® MT-09 Tracer Accessory line can be completed with a wide range of Universal accessories to your choice and taste.
Rizoma, Tourism High Tech.   Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Left Side) (Medium)Rizoma MT-09 Tracer (Right Side) (Medium)