We got our hands dirty again with the Hooligan from the Dark Side label the MT-09, now fitted with Akrapovič Racing Line full system exhaust for the Yamaha MT-09. Already a hooligan from the dark side on the street as standard, we now road test the MT-09 Akrapovič fitted.DSC_0228 (Medium)

DSC_0238 (Medium)Key features of the Yamaha MT-09 Racing Line exhaust are:
– Increased power-to-weight ratio with weight reduction of 2.4kg (5.3 lb) compared to stock exhaust
– Claimed Peak power gain of 4.0kW (5.4HP) @ 9900rpm
– Claimed Peak torque gain of 5.3Nm (3.9ft-lb) @ 5000rpm
– Increased torque and power output throughout the midrange
– One-piece welded manifold assembly for ease of fit
– Improved throttle response
– Retains standard Lambda sensor


The Racing Line represents a full step in the exhaust system tuning process and offers optimum performance. Racing performance exhaust systems are designed for riders that demand maximum performance from their motorcycle. The systems are lighter compared to the stock exhaust system and feature exceptional production quality and increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output. A combination of racing materials like titanium for the muffler outer sleeve give these exhaust systems a racing touch. Imagine you switch on A Mode of the MT-09! 

It’s not just about peak power—Akrapovič exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire rpm range. Increased power and torque result in a much smoother ride. All Akrapovič exhaust system measurements are made on our computer-controlled flowbenches.

kW82.2 at 9900 rpm86.2 at 9900 rpm+ 4.0 at 9900 rpm
HP (m)111.8 at 9900 rpm117.2 at 9900 rpm+ 5.4 at 9900 rpm
HP (i)110.3 at 9900 rpm115.6 at 9900 rpm+ 5.3 at 9900 rpm
Nm87.7 at 8400 rpm89.9 at 8750 rpm+ 5.3 at 5000 rpm
lb-ft64.7 at 8400 rpm66.3 at 8750 rpm+ 3.9 at 5000 rpm
weightkg8.46.0– 2.4
lb18.513.2– 5.3
measured with: Yamaha MT-09 2014
EC type-approval is valid only when optional catalytic converter is installed.
Screenshot_1 ING LINE

DSC_0239 (Medium)  DSC_0230 (Medium)

Yamaha MT-09 courtesy of Syarikat Chong Motorcycles Sdn Bhd (SCM) https://i-moto.my/de…/syarikat-chong-motorcycles-sdn-bhd/

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