Real sad thing is when you buy your dream bike and the bike is a hot item among the thieves. Some may steal your parts, and some may even be a magician and make your bike just disappear to thin air.
Some bikes is an easy target for thieves. They can be sold on as entire bikes or broken up and sold as parts. Either way, you will be missing a highly valued machine. There is no way of guaranteeing that your bike will never be stolen.
However, there is plenty that you can do to make life as hard as possible for motorbike thieves.
Motorbike locks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are more suitable for securing your bike at home whilst others are best for when you are out on a trip. To help you choose which one would suit your bike and lifestyle. we’ve prepared a useful guide to the best motorcycle locks.

Where will you be parking your bike?
A very heavy chain lock is the best option if you are parking up your bike at home. They are very difficult to break, even with cutting equipment. The bike cannot be physically lifted and put into a truck because it is bolted to the ground.
What’s it made of?
Motorbike locks need to be made out of resilient material. Many are made of steel or another strong metal. They also need to be resistant to rust because they are going to be left out in the rain.
Is it visible?
The best scenario is for the lock to act as a deterrent and to put off a thief from coming anywhere near your bike. Many locks are painted in bright orange and yellow colors so it is very easy to see them, even in the dark. Hopefully, thieves will spot the lock and stay away.
Will it cause any damage?
“Locks are made out of hard metal and have the potential to cause damage to motorbike paintwork. The large chain locks are of particular concern. Many of them are provided with nylon covers to stop them curling into direct contact with your bike.

Will it fit your bike?
Some locks come in various sizes to fit different bikes. The disc brake locks come with different sized pins to fit different size bikes. The clamps that fit around handlebars will be designed to fit a particular diameter, which is often one or 1.5 inches.
How easy is it to fit?.
A lock that takes ages to fit and that is very awkward and fiddly will end up getting on your nerves. One of the advantages of clasp locks that fit to handlebars is that they can be snapped into place quickly without you having to kneel down on the wet ground.
‘How difficult is it to carry around?
Clasp locks that fit to handlebars is that they can be snapped into place quickly without you having to kneel down on the wet ground.
Ideally, you want a lock that is compact and easy to carry around when it is not secured to your bike. Some even come with a holster for easy storage.
Do you want an audible alarm too?
Locks can be combined with a motorcycle alarm system that emits up to 110 dB when they are tampered with. This is an added deterrent.
Reminder cable.
It would be a disaster to jump on a bike with a disc brake lock fitted and try to drive off! It may be wise to choose one with a reminder cable that attaches to your accelerator.

So Why You Should Use Motorcycle Locks?
Having your motorcycle stolen is both inconvenient and upsetting so motorcycle security is important. ln Malaysia report that motorcycle thefts are on the increase. In 2017, there were 31,577 cases of stolen motorcycles reported to the police. Here are the top facts about motorcycle thefts that you should know.
Motorcycle locks help to prevent crime
There is no doubt that a motorcycle lock will reduce the chances of your bike being stolen. It will also take longer for the thief to mobilize your bike so they are more likely to be challenged.
Some bikes are more likely to be stolen than others.
If you ride a sports bike it is statistically more likely to be targeted by thieves. This makes it even more important that you have a bike lock. These bikes are targeted to break down and sell off as parts.
Some brands are more popular with thieves
If you have one of the following brands, it is definitely time to get a bike lock because they are most often targeted by thieves Ducati, Honda. Yamaha, and Kawasaki.
Some areas have more bike theft
Thieves lift them into trucks
A common way for thieves to steal bikes is to physically lift the whole thing up and put it in the back of a truck. The only way to prevent this is to chain the bike to the ground. ‘

Some insurers will reduce their premiums if you have a recognized high quality bike locks are fitted.
Built in steering locks are insufficient. Thieves will simply smash these apart or lift the entire bike into a truck with the steering still fined. Too bad Malaysian insurance company don’t practice this.
Types of Motorcycle Locks
In general, there five types of motorcycle lock. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages and in the end the best bike for you is a matter of personal choice and budget. Here are the four basic options that you have.
Chain locks and anchors
As the name suggests, motorcycle security chains are heavy chains that are attached to your bike and to some other sold structure such as bracket drilled in to the wall or the floor. They are very heavy duty and very sturdy and certainly put thieves off.
They cannot be broken apart with normal cutters or even drills. You’d need industrial cutting equipment to get these off. They may come with a very heavy-duty style lock because that is often the most vulnerable part of the security system
A motorcycle chain lock IS one of the best motorcycle locks for securing your bike outside your house or in a garage but they are not so great when you are out and going about. You would need to carry the very heavy chain with you on the bike.
Brake disc locks
These locks the holes in motorcycle brake discs as anchor point they clamp into the disc brake, making it impossible for it to revolve and therefore immobilizing the bike. The only danger with these is that you may hop on your bike and try to drive it away, forgetting that the lock is in clamp position. You are very likely to fall off the bike and it will cause a lot of mechanical damage to your machine. For that reason, many brake disc locks come with a bright colored reminder cable that runs from the lock to your accelerator.
The motorcycle disc lock is a highly compact and easy device to stare when not in use. Many now come with an audible alarm that delivers a parting shrill of 100 decibels or more if the lock is tampered or moved.
U Shackle Lock
There are two parts to this type of lock. The first part ‘is a fat base or wheel plate onto which you roll your front tyre. Then there is as large steel shackle which is bolted to the base and fixes to the wheels
Handle bar grip locks
These fits on to the handle bar of your bike and make it practically impossible to drive away. Some can be fitted on both right and left. On one side, it will grip the throttle and front brake and on the other side it would grip the clutch so that the bike cannot be put in to gear
They are compact and tough locks that cannot be cut open with usual cutting devices employed by motorcycle thieves. They are also easy to put on and take off.
This lock is recommended!

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