Naza now offers a range of products at competitive prices 250cc  single cyclinder model called the N5 to strengthen Naza’s share in the 250cc segment market. The design of the N5 is compact and focuses on reducing the overall weight of 148kg. This concept is not far from the KTM single cylinder. For any motorcycle with a capacity of 250cc single cylinder, it is definitely the overall weight of a machine will determine its performance. Lighter, mean more pick up power.DSC_0287 (Medium)

DSC_0258 (Medium)

I admit that I was somewhat sceptical when I first saw this N5 when it was launched few month ago. But taken a closer look it’s design, was more to an Italian breed Korean who designed the N5. There are many innovations on this bike that we seldom see on rival models. There may be but is not indicated in the brochure or advertisement. I will explain based on my closer inspection of the N5, the rear lights are LED and low-profile tires wider than its main rival Kawasaki Z250 and same as the KTM200.

2The backlight is very bright and certainly gives more safety during the night and on the day of sweltering heat. If I had the N5 for longer test ride I would remove the N5 tail as it looks like the Panigale 899 n 1199 tail, which is easily removable for those who like to “devil’s tails” . I’m never a fan of standard number plate and signal that comes standard, but that just me.  First thing that has to go on a standard bike is the rear view mirrors, lucky for us in i-Moto we have many choices to fit on out test/review bikes, courtesy of RIZOMA ITALY.

Rear brake of the N5 is similar to the Blade 250R latest models which uses the 230mm disc with single piston caliper. Thus, the use of pad is more uniform and more efficient.3

Swing-arm looks like the KTM Duke model and it is lightweight but strong. It is also quite long but has a shorter wheelbase. Therefore, agility in corners is not a problem to the N5.4 Foot pegs can be adjusted to suit riders height and only needs to deal with two Allen key screws for adjustments.511

KYB rear absorbers are standard  with pre-load  adjustable spring. Spring travel is around 130mm. 7

The N5 has a radiator while the Blade 250R using the “oil cooler”.


Front tires are MRF Tyre(Made in India) with 110/70 profile and with a two piston calliper , the front disc is 300mm. Rims are 10 spoke rims. Brake levers are adjustable just like the Blade 250R.

Gear foot rest are also adjustable with the riders height and riding position.

One piece aluminium handlebars clipped with aluminum “clamp” and Poly Urethane Elastomer liner to absorb the vibration / shock better.13

Tank of 11 liters and it is of plastic in order to contribute to the overall weight factor N5 .. There may be skeptical about the safety of plastic tanks as easily broken when dropped and others. Definitely Hyosung has kept an international standard regarding the use of this plastic tank. Back seat is styled like racing. 149

Exhaust system is under belly style. 15

Front inverted upside down fork (USD) is from KYB and measuring 37mm.

\N5 has a DOHC engine with 4-valve single cylinder with outputs 28 hp at 8500 rpm and a torque of 26 Nm (2.56 kgf.m) @ 7000 RPM. This is the power of the engine at low speed to medium. The N5 can easy follow a KTM390 and easily surpassed  KTM200 as I had gone above 165kmh, but haven’t got a chance to reach its top speed. But reported to touch 190km/h for a rider under 60kg. But top speed is not what we want to review here.

The handling of the bike more important and how it performs in corners is what we testing. The handle has a short turn radius so making a u-turn the rider has to go wider a bit instead. Just be careful as not turn the hand  fast. MRF stock tyre able to kneedown but have a tenancy of sliding if too much kneedown in wider corners. So recommended for more safer ride in twisty corners to change the tyres.
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2014 NAZA N5 price is RM13,988 (OTR).

2014 NAZA N5 Specfication
Top speed170 km/h but reported 190 km/h
Max power28 bhp
Max torque26 Nm
Weight148 kg
Fuel capacity11 litres
Engine size249 cc
Engine specification4v, single
FrameCast aluminium perimeter frame and double-sided swingarm
Front suspension adjustment37mm USD forks adjustable for preload and rebound damping
Rear suspension adjustmentSingle rear shock adjustable
Front brakes1 x 300mm discs with double-piston.
Rear brake230mm single disc  with single-piston caliper.
Front tyre size110/70 x 17
Rear tyre size150/60 x 17
Front tyre size110/70 x 17
Rear tyre size150/60 x 17



TRACK:Not in meant on the track!3
HANDLING: Not bad!6
FAST ROADS:Can la… with some wobble!6
KNEE DOWN RATING:Just don’t over do it6
NEW RIDERGreat to take ur girlie out!7
HOOLIGAN:Decent starter bike 5
DESIRABILITY:In this class it’s about price5.5
WHEELIE:Not easy to get it up!3