In 2013 Yamaha, unveiled two concepts, the PES1 sportsbike and PED1 dirtbike. Since then, Yamaha has registered a number of patents relating to the two bikes and our sources indicate they could be released as early as next year.Yamaha-PS1-Electric-Sportsbike-002



The patents indicate that the batteries for the bikes will be swappable and will actually be the same design for both machines which means reduced costs of manufacture. Interestingly, buyers may be able to ‘upgrade’ their bike after purchase by installing a third battery with little to no modifications to the bike.Yamaha-PED1-Electric-Dirtbike-002

At the concept launch, Yamaha stated that the PES1 weighed less than 100 kg, and the PED1 weighed less than 85 kg. Another interesting fact is that Yamaha will employ DC motors instead of AC which all other electric manufacturers use.