The builders of this sexy Café Racer is Italian Pier Giorgio and Marco from Albosaggia, Italy. Their latest creation started from a completely original base of 2014 Aprilia Tuono APRC. Pier and Marco chose it because it’s an Italian motorcycle! Its uniqueness has always been the stimulus to want to risk to use it as a starting point for a unique project of its kind.

After dismantling it all, they decided to completely rebuild the back with a frame from scratch, a new battery housing and part of the electrical system (making everything with electric pipe benders and different welds).


A new hull was made directly on the bike with fiberglass, as was the grille, where they created a new housing for the front LEDs. All the original front electric system has been moved, repositioned the regulator (where it could take more air) and the side key to make room for the instrumentation, adapted to the most comfortable position possible (also thanks to the reconstruction in full of the aluminum). Their choice of taillights and blinkers are from Kellermann.

While the under seat and the rear fairing have been created with carbon fibre, all proudly making the bike a unique piece. The final exhaust pipe was built from scratch, there was nothing so short and with such a peculiar fold. Every stylistic and structural choice has been designed to give the bike a short and compact shape.

They have replaced the stock handlebars and footrests; the choice of carbon on the frame, mudguards and swingarm is dictated by the desire to give the bike an elegant but at the same time aggressive line. The drain valve has been eliminated, to get all the power immediately.
Finally, the tricolor varnish was a tribute to Aprilia and looks like an Aprilia livery from the past.
Well done Pier and Marco, this Café Racer styled Aprilia Tuono should make heads turn whenever anyone get a glace at this sexy Aprilia cafe racer!

We looking forward to meet Giorgio and Marco in Italy to discuss our next project with Ravege for Art of Speed 2020

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