Introducing The 2015 Suzuki Gladius ABS, V-Strom 650 ABS & V-Strom 650XT ABS Models

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DSC_0161 (Medium)   DSC_0160 (Medium)These are exciting times for big bike enthusiasts and Suzuki fans in Malaysia. In March 2014, Suzuki launched its big bike range with the HAYABUSA 1300, the GSX1250FA, the GSX-R1000 ABS and the V-STROM 1000 ABS at Hard Rock Café, Kuala Lumpur. In October 2014, Suzuki grew that range with the introduction of the GSR750.

Now, Suzuki DSC_0166 (Medium)ADSC_0167 (Medium)ssemblers Malaysia Sdn Bhd further broadens the choice with not one but three more mouthwatering mid-range models with the Gladius 650 ABS, the V-Strom 650 ABS and the V-Strom 650XT ABS. While all three are 650cc models, each caters to a different segment with its own unique appeal based on the rider’s desires.

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Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS & Suzuki V-Strom 650XT ABS

Both of these models fall in the Sport Adventure Tourer category. While sharing the same configuration and engine, there are differences between the two that will appeal to different riders. The V-Strom 650 ABS can be said excel at being the “Sport Tourer” while the V-Strom 650XT ABS is the “Sport Adventure” machine that will appeal to your wild side.

Exciting V-Twin Character:
A 645cc V-Twin engine featuring the best modern Suzuki technologies to deliver quick revving, broad power with an advanced fuel injection system to perfectly blend power with economy.DSC_0627 (Medium)

Effective Transmission System

The 6-speed transmission is tailored for active sporty rides with 1st through 5th gear ratios, while keeping highway cruises comfortable with a tall top gear.

Advanced Fuel Injection Technologies

A high-speed 32-bit ECU controls Suzuki Dual Throttle valve (SDTV) system, contributing to enhanced low-to-mid rpm range torque, a linear throttle response and lower emissions.

Twin iridium Sparks

Twin iridium spark plugs for each cylinder heighten the spark strength and combustion efficiency, contributing to increased power, a more linear throttle response, easier engine start-up and a more stable idle.

Lightweight  Chassis & Adjustable Suspension

RC-VSTORMXT2Lightweight and rigid twin-spar aluminum-alloy frame and swingarm contribute to smooth handling performance and well-poised running at high-speeds. Spring-preload-adjustable 43mm-stanchion-tube front forks and link-type rear suspension with rebound stepless damping adjuster as well as a spring preload adjuster.

Brakes With ABS

Front dual 310mm-disc brakes and rear 260mm-disc brakes deliver smooth, controllable stopping power. Expansion-resistant high-pressure brake hose enhances the responsive brake feel. Antilock Brake System (ABS)* unit features a lightweight, compact design. The ABS monitors wheel speed, and matches braking power to available traction.RC-VSTORM1

Differentiating the V-Strom 650XT ABS

The new V-Strom 650XT ABS has more adventurous styling with a new distinctive front beak with integrated air ducts and a wide range of accessories that make it convey an adventurous spirit.

RC-VSTORM2These accessories include top and side cases are available in plastic and in aluminum. The side cases fit close to the bike’s centre of gravity for rider-friendly handling. The plastic top and left side cases are each big enough for a full-face helmet. The side-case carriers can be detached using quick-release screws to keep the bike slim. An accessory bar, an aluminium under guard, a chain guard, and LED fog lamps make the bike even readier for adventure. A touring windscreen, knuckle covers and low and high seats heighten comfort. Other accessories include a centre stand, a 12-volt accessory socket, an alarm kit, and a handlebar satnav bracket.RC-VSTORMXT1


The Suzuki Gladius 650 ABS

RC-GLAD01 (Medium) This model is a street bike with ample oomph both as a daily use machine as well as for the weekend getaway on the highways. With a compact open trellis frame, aggressive styling, and a 645cc V-twin, double overhead camshaft power plant, the Gladius, codenamed SFV650 appeals from the outside in.

It’s light crisp feel and smooth low to mid-range power delivery from the SFV650 just screams for a tour of your favorite road.  Suzuki describes the Gladius with the following caption, “Flexibility is only available from a motorcycle of reliable performance, designed through the application of modern technology – this is the freedom not to constrain the riders’ style. This machine with brisk performance in a neat package and the full range of options, gives many various images for your rider lifestyle. Welcome to the world of new riding styles!”RC-GLAD13 (Medium)

It’s key features are as follows;

Exciting V-Twin Character:
A 645cc V-Twin engine featuring the best modern Suzuki technologies to deliver quick revving, broad power with an advanced fuel injection system to perfectly blend power with economy.

785mm Seat Height:
A low, narrow seat offers extra feet down comfort and control when stopping at lights or parking. Optional higher seat offers a 20mm increase for those with longer legs.

Cutting Edge Fuel Injection Technologies:
Provides instant throttle response, linear power, easy starting and economical running but also smoothes the V-Twin engine braking for a more comfortable and smoother ride.

Adjustable Suspension:
Front and rear suspension feature adjustable spring pre-load, allowing the rider to adapt the bike to suit them.

Gear Indicator As Standard:
Easy-to-read, multi-function instruments display the selected gear alongside the analogue tachometer and feature a comprehensive LCD display including speedometer, odometer/trip meter and clock.

The Gladius comes in gray, blue and mat black options, while the V-Strom variants come in white, gray, red and blue.

Basic Sales Price for V-Strom 650XT ABS is RM43,900, V-Strom 650 ABS is RM41,900 and Gladius 650 ABS is RM39,900.

To find a dealer closest to you or to inquire further details, kindly contact Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia Sdn Bhd at  04-3977 453 (Sales & Marketing Division) or 04-3977 091 (Spare Parts Division) or visit our webpage at

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