As competition within the middleweight segment heats up, Suzuki Malaysia is ready to make a bold move by introducing two new models, the VStorm 800 DE and GSX 800S. These additions to Suzuki’s lineup aim to capture the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts seeking powerful performance and versatility.

The VStorm 800 DE is set to deliver an exceptional adventure riding experience. With its robust design and advanced features, it promises to tackle both on-road and off-road terrains with ease. Riders can expect superior handling, enhanced comfort, and the ability to conquer any journey that comes their way.

On the other hand, the GSX 800S is poised to ignite the thrill of sport riding enthusiasts. With its dynamic styling, cutting-edge technology, and impressive power output, this motorcycle is designed to offer an exhilarating and responsive ride. Whether on twisty roads or open highways, the GSX 800S is expected to deliver a thrilling performance that will leave riders craving more.

Suzuki Malaysia’s decision to introduce these two new models demonstrates their commitment to meeting the demands of the market and providing riders with exciting options in the middleweight segment. By combining innovation, performance, and reliability, Suzuki aims to captivate riders and establish a strong presence in this competitive market.

GSX800S has 3 colour choice, while VStorm800 DE has 2 colour choice

As motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the launch of the VStorm 800 DE and GSX 800S, Suzuki Malaysia is poised to make a significant impact and reinforce their reputation as a brand synonymous with excellence in the world of motorcycles. 

Suzuki VStorm 800 DE from RM60,800
Suzuki GSX800S from RM50,800
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