Suzuki Malaysia proudly presents its latest offerings, the Avenis and the Burgman Street EX scooters, aimed at strengthening the brand’s presence in Malaysia’s small capacity scooter segment. Both models are powered by a 4-Stroke, Air-cooled, SOHC 125cc SEP engine, delivering 8.7PS of power at 6750 RPM and 10Nm of torque at 5500 RPM. The Burgman boasts the advanced Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-α) engine, equipped with an Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS) system for automatic engine shutdown when stationary, along with Suzuki Silent Starter System for quiet engine starts. Designed for the dynamic lifestyles of young riders, the Avenis is tailored to attract commuters seeking a blend of performance, convenience, and cutting-edge technology. It features a compact LCD screen with an intuitive layout and an eco indicator light for fuel-efficient operation. The Avenis also boasts an external hinge-type fuel cap located conveniently at the rear behind the seats, enhancing the scooter’s active ‘on-the-go’ concept. With a 5.2 Litres fuel tank capacity, it ensures fewer stops for refuelling. In contrast, the Burgman Street EX is positioned as Suzuki’s premium compact scooter, offering a fusion of elegance, style, comfort, practicality, and convenience. Its longer wheelbase provides exceptional stability, a solid, planted feel, and a comfortable riding experience. The extended floorboards offer flexibility in foot positioning, while the front footboards allow the rider to extend their legs for added comfort during long rides. Like the Avenis, the Burgman also offers 21.5 Litres of under-seat storage, two helmet hooks, and two utility hooks for additional items. Additionally, it features a closable front compartment with a USB charging port and easy access to front storage compartments. It also features a larger 5.5 Litres fuel tank capacity, best in its class.

The Avenis is available in three colour options – Metallic Matte Fibroin Grey with Metallic Lush Green, Metallic Matte Black with Glass Sparkle Black, and the special Metallic Sonic Silver with Triton Blue ‘GP Edition’, featuring Suzuki racing graphics to appeal to spirited riders.

Meanwhile, the Burgman Street EX comes in two colour options – Pearl Moon Stone Gray and Metallic Mat Black. Suzuki brand has an exciting history in Malaysia, leading the introduction of modern stylish scooters to the general public in the 90s with models like the Suzuki V100, VR125, VS125, and VS150. Although the market now were filled with options that varies in segments and purposes, the launch of these two new scooters underscores Suzuki Malaysia’s commitment to their fans and public in delivering high-quality, stylish, and performance-driven motorcycles to this exciting market. 

The Avenis and Burgman Street EX are now available at all Suzuki dealerships nationwide MSRP Price of the new scooter models (not inclusive of road-tax, insurance and registration) as per below: 

1. Suzuki Avenis : RM 6,980.00 

2. Suzuki Avenis (GP Colour) : RM 7,200.00 

3. Suzuki Burgman Street EX : RM 7,500.00

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