mv-reparto-corse-wsbkThe Italian motorcycle presented to Philip Island his team “Reparto Corse”, the official name of the factory team engaged in the dual challenge in WSBK and WSS.  The MV Agusta F3 and F4 deployed in the championship feature a new tricolor livery that includes, among ‘Mercedes-AMG Logo’ which holds 25% stake of the Italian brand .

From a technical perspective, the MV Agusta F3, vice world champion in 2014 with Frenchman Jules Cluzel, receives changes of detail in terms of the engine , the chassis and power supply, the one thousand four-cylinder was heavily updated from every point of view and renamed with the evocative symbol of F4 RC stands for Racing Division.   The bike led by Leon Camier, will be sold in limited series in the double and road configuration, ready to race , to unleash its 212 horses on the

Jules Cluzel:  “Well, last year Philip Island an unforgettable day, bringing the three cylinders MV to win a world competition after 38 years since the last success of Giacomo Agostini. It ‘a circuit that I love and that’s well suited to my F3, I hope to reconfirm and start with a win my race to the title. “


Lorenzo Zanetti : “I tried for the first time the MV Agusta F3 at Portimao and I loved it, both for the benefit and of the line, in my opinion the most beautiful and elegant among the bikes on the grid. I do not think that will require a long period of harmony, even now I feel almost sewn on, and the little that is missing to make it perfect I think I already reach here at Phillip Island. “


Leon Camier : “We face a lot of work but we aim to grow gradually RC F4 in order to bring the top of the standings and, with a little ‘luck, on the podium.”

Giovanni Castiglioni, President and CEO:  “On the victories and world titles, has been consolidated into the world the myth MV Agusta. The competitions are a test irreplaceable to quickly develop new technical solutions to transfer the series production. This is why we continue to invest resources and technologies in both the WSS, where we are protagonists, both in WSBK, where we expect significant results in the second half of the season. “

Brian Gillen, Technical Director:  “In our second season of the internal team” Racing Division “we have in mind what we have to do to bring home our 76 world title in the WSS. You will need to point to the regularity of the result, the MV Agusta F3 expresses performance by reference, then we trust in a season as protagonists. The team is now more cohesive and efficient thanks to the inclusion of a highly experienced technical as Giovanni Sandi. In SBK promises a scenario more difficult but we expect a growing season in relying on the skills and experience of Leon Camier and development of RC F4. ” 


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