Boon Siew Honda has released a newly design Honda Spacy with elegance looks. The new design of Honda Spacy is the latest revision of Boon Siew AT series. Comparing to its predecessor, the main changing point is the elegance look, in which the exterior body now is free from any colourful stripes but was replaced with solid chrome plating emblem logo to enhance the impression towards elegance.fronLeftt-white2Front_R-B2

The newly design Spacy has also inherited the key feature from its predecessor that ensure spacious at every level, from an 18-litre XL-sized utility box (U-Box) that conveniently fit in a full-face helmet to a 5.2L fuel tank that reduces the frequency of refuelling. Subsequently, the key feature is also implemented to both the floor panel and seat, with a little highlight at the front inner box that can fit a 500ml water bottle or other belongings at its size. This Spacy is pack with utilities and style all around and one of the examples is the hanger for the convenient of the rider to drape their belongings while travelling. The key shutter glows in the dark and has a magnetic locking system, providing ease of use while reducing theft risk. Such excellent features have made the riding experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both rider and the passenger.disc break
Despite all that, the safety and stability element of the new Spacy is also what distinguished our model from other competitors within its class. The brake lock lever function is available in which with a simple click it will provide added relief for riders to avoid unintentionally acceleration by turning the throttle during idling stage. This Spacy also comes with a safety feature call Side Stand Switch in which it can be activated by putting down the side stand and the engine will be automatically shutdown to avoid any unintentional acceleration by accident. Such a feature also help to save fuel consumption in which the engine can never be turn on unless the side stand is lifted up. The braking system is enhanced through the front disc brake that provides superior control even on slippery roads while tubeless tyres avoid total air dissipation during puncture.flooring_2storage-5
Furthermore, in order to enhance visibility for the motorists this newly design Spacy’s headlight has also been upgraded into halogen instead of typical light bulb. The visibility is then further enhanced with its illuminating corners big eye winker that provides better visibility at dim light situation especially during rainy or foggy conditions. The rear lamp is also elegantly design with the winkers separated from the tail light to increase visibility to trailing motorists.
The newly design Spacy maintain the same spec as its predecessor, which runs on a fancooled, 4-stroke, 110cc single-cylinder OHC engine powered by Honda V-Matic Technology. It is also economically fuel-efficient with 41.5km per litre while complying with the Euro II emission standards based on the ECE40 Mode test.
The newly design Spacy available in three elegant colours which are Pearl Metalloid White, Pearl Magellanic Black and Euphoria Red Metallic. The price of this new Spacy is set at show room price RM4, 999.00 with warranty period of 2 years or 20,000km, whichever comes first and will be available nationwide starting from 1st January 2016.


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