learner-driver1Having some spare time one day i went to the local JPJ. Seeing a Malay boy at the institute one day, I inquired if this was his first attempt at the motorcycle test. He replied this was actually his third attempt. The boy appeared down hearted. He lacked confidence,  I engaged the boy in a conversation. According to him, he had done whatever was needed. services-motorcyclebHe did everything he had been asked to do. Yet, he failed. He felt unfairly penalised.

After 27 years experience in this field, I feel capable enough to offer some advice. First, one should be able to ride a motorcycle steadily.

Testers, who are most well trained and experienced can spot a wobbly and unsteady rider when they see one.

Therefore, learn to handle the machine well. You have to ride confidently and well. Therein lies the key to success.20120511-091045-PG

Helmets worn should have no more than 2 fingers leeway between the helmet and your face. As such, learn to tie your straps correctly.

Among the many obstructions and maneuver confronting the candidate is circling the 2 round abouts. Ideally, put the machine into 2nd gear. Make the necessary revolutions needed.

Ensure however, that you maintain the left side of the roundabout. Avoid riding in the center. A left hand ride is suggested.

I remember back then Yamaha Virago 535 were used for the full B test, now most of the institute uses Kawasaki ER-650n

After the roundabout, one approaches the 2nd maneuver, crossing the 7-8 meter long so called “bridge”. Some instructor advise that you ride along with the momentum gained thus far, using 2nd gear.

Others feel you should stop first, enter first gear, then proceed up the bridge. Either choice is yours. Only remember though, the crossing of the bridge should count 7 SECONDS and best is look at the end of the bridge and not at the bridge. 

The third section of zig-zag among the various cones is not much problem. After finishing the cone test, next, stop at a line, getting ready for the hand brake and foot brake. Just make a screeching sound.

Most fail this section, forgetting the application of the hand brake.

DO NOT leave the hand brake after stopping. Hold on to it tight until your tester finished observing you.

Get the idea? Good.

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